Please help!!!!

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Please help!!!!

I am 29, and have just accepted that i have a real serious problem with my drinking, i went to see my doctor and asked her how i go about getting help, she has refered me to a local service and i am just waiting for a phone call to start she also perscribed me antibuse 200mg which i take everyday i had my last drink on 14/04/13 which is not that long ago i never thought i was an addict until now i never drank everyday i go to work, but i dont think i have gone much over a week without a drink for the last 11 years i have zero control once i have my first drink and ever since i can remember i have drank anything and everything until i passed out i never cause any problem's or hurt anyone when i drink i just dont kno when to stop i love it i crave it!! i have been a dedicated party animal since i was 18 and used to take most recreational drug's during my clubbin/festivl/rave days till 2007 which my mam passed away about a year earlyer so i thought [email protected]#k it lets do somthing i wouldnt normaly do something random, i booked a trip to go backpacking round the world for a year it's now 2013 and i havent been home since, i have 2 gourgeous kids and am living in christchurch nz i suffer from adhd since i can remember and am always very lively but am really finding it very hard to stop my craving's or whithdrawls i work hard everday but am only sleepin about an hour a night if that but am not even tired am sure coz am adhd or is it a side effect from stoping drinkin i can truthfuly say if it wasnt for the antibuse pills i would of got wasted i really hope i can do this and can anyone tell me what/how long the withdrawl symtoms will last thank u sorry for such a long msg i have never done anything like this so i would love some feedback please much love antoa108:
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Length of withdrawal symptoms vary. Insomnia/being unable to sleep seems to be one of the top challenges when one stops drinking. A lot of people, including myself have racing thoughts. See, it's like this. We stop putting poison in our bodies. That poison made us pass out, numbed our minds, basically stole our lives and when we QUIT welllllll, body has to do some healing.

What are you planning to do while you wait for the "local service" to call?

Posting and reading here is a great start.
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Hello and welcome to SR x. This is a great place to come for help and support, am pleased you found us.

You are doing the right thing by reaching out for help, and your doctor will be able to help with the withdrawals. I would follow the medical advice you've been given and read up on the various methods of how to quit on here. The class of April on this forum have plenty of people at the same stage as you, you will hopefully make a friend or 2 too.

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hey thank u for your reply, i just started my new career 2 weeks ago so my focus is my kid's and my job but am just trying to keep busy and look for advice am feeling great but everything else is craving and really finding it hard am worried, i know stopping drinking is what i want and need to do, but if these withdrawls and shakes and lack of sleep may effect my new job i really dont want them to know as i am new and have to impress and be 100% for a 3 month trial period will they get worse?
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I feel your hurt. I drank hard also for all of my adult life. From the age of 17 to 54. 70 Days sober today; my drinking pattern changed over the years. From every other day when I was much younger to 2-day binge drunks over recent years. I hated the anxiety and insomnia after my drunks. Congrats on recognizing your drinking problem at an early age and your current length of Sobriety. You are so fortunate to realize and able to do something about it now. Please go to my thread on Newcomers; it is titled, Have I been released from the power of alcohol? Will Power alone will not do this for you antoleon But if you want it bad enough, I know you will get it. You have already done the right thing in asking for Help. Stay Sober my friend, even if it takes one moment at a time. Peace and Rest too you.
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Everyone's experiences are different, so it's hard to predict what it will be like for you. I was able to continue working, though it was hard. I had shaking, feeling sick and insomnia for about a week or so. I was in a mental fog for a while after that, but I managed to hide it or excuse it away. My insomnia has continued but that isn't to do with withdrawal, and I'm getting help with that.

That's just my experience. Your doctor really is the best person to talk to. You must be completely honest with him/her and if you're at all worried, please go back x
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I'm glad you found us and joined the family!
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Glad you're making the choice to quit. Acute alcohol withdrawal lasts about a week but is usually the worst the first 3 days. After that it takes awhile for the body to repair itself. Drink plenty of water, take vitamins, and eat as healthy as you can to speed up the process. Have you tried AA?
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Welcome to SR antoleon

I merged your two threads into one to save everyone confusion.
I know you'll find support here

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Im so glad your willing to admit you powerlessness! & you want help. Best part is you reached out & your realizing your not in this alone!
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Happy to meet you, antoleon. Joining here means you never have to be alone anymore. We all understand what you're going through. I'm glad you've decided to change your life - we know you can do it.
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Today is day 33 for me. I was doing ok till around day 12 and the craving hit me like a Mack truck. What helped me through that awful time is I got out of the house and went for a drive. I ended up in El Paso, TX, got a room and drove back to San Diego the next morning. Sounds crazy but it got me though a crazy tough couple of days. Do what you need to do to. Good luck to ya.
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I personally have attended some excellent AA meetings in your beautiful town/country attended by great people. It can be of great help if we work it. BE WELL
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