getting over it

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Question getting over it

I've had many demons and they alll seem to attack me hand in hand..meaning if I give into one they go into a domino affect. My best resource of staying sane is devoting all of that energy into my kids and talking to people and sharing problems for similiar answers. Somedays that huge wall is stronger than me!!
Does anyone else do this??
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Drinking and doing drugs was like an automatic maintenance system for me. I didn't have to deal with stress because I could just go home and get high or drunk at the end of the day. When that automated system is gone, manual maintenance is required or the machine will rust over and fail.

Simply put there are things that I must do now in order to feel my best, I can no longer let life happen, I have to engage it and sometimes push back when it chooses to throw difficult things at me. Exercise, every single day in the form of calisthenics or walking along with diet have gone a very long ways for me.

Good luck and keep up the good work.
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Hi 2wicks72

I had a lot of intertwining addictions too. I found the best way for me was to find as much support as I needed to make the changes in my life I had to, and to stay clean and sober from my various vices

you'll find a lot of support here - welcome D
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Red face

thanks Dee74. It seems like people seeing you get ahead they'll do anything to see ou struggle!! Why are people so..well like that?? I always like to see the best in everyone but boy they make it hard
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That used to happen to me and then toward the end of my addiction I only did heroin but if I slipped up a little I would say screw it and do a massive amount of heroin. Basically same thought process of thinking "hey I slipped up might as well go all the way"

The best way to avoid these massive slip ups and free for alls to stay away from all substances and fully immerse yourself into our recovery. Whenever you have a craving think of your children and how much they deserve and need you to be sober. I know a couple people that carry around a picture of their children or family to fight urges and stay motivated.
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Unhappy My head is spinning!!

Ok ..Ive been married to a highschool boyfriend that we broke up and found each other 20 so years ago. Well we married although I was pregnant when we got back in touch so he has been a perm fixture in my sons life. We married and Ive found out sooo much I cant even fit in here. So the reason Im talking is We went to eat and he continued to try to over control my 15 month son which YES I was offended!! We left in a fight and it esclated at home with him to saying the fight was my sons fault!! HES 1!! My anger went blind because my first instict was my son. But with all of that he admitted to popping to hydros and drinking beer and yager!! He acually hit my door so damn hard my son watching starting laughing thinking he was playing!! ADVICE!!!!!
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