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Keep on going

Two days ago my mind talked me into buying a drink. A bottle actually. I drank a few glases before I went to bed and was happy in the morning that I could "handle it". Yesterday with all my happiness I bought another and drank all. I dont remember what I ate or what I did. I think I started out watching a movie. Im an alcoholic and I have no cotrol over my drinking but my mind still plays tricks on me. Sad.*

Worst is my mother, two weeks ago I told her that I was an alcoholic and I cant drink anymore. Yesterday talking to her she acted like im beeing silly. Its just some kind of a phase and by the time they come for a visit I should be ready for a drink. I have no clue what to do with her. She makes me feel like screaming at her and that is not me. How do you deal with people like that? Suggestions?
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We have to deal with our inability to stop drinking first, that's our problem the rest are situations. Most people don't understand the ism which is so powerful and wants us to escape. After I stopped drinking so many things I thought important just weren't anymore using a clearer thought process. BE WELL
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If you are really determined to stop drinking and never change your mind, the problem of your mother will take care of itself. It doesn't matter what she thinks, you know the truth.
You don't have to label it with anything, you just know.
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It can be very frustrating when others belittle, or simply do not understand our alcoholism. They have no real experience of being an alcoholic and have obtained all their information for the television, or reading articles about it. They see an alcoholic as someone who is asleep in a doorway at 3pm in the afternoon. You have to stick to your guns though. Perhaps if you opened up to her and explained what you have been doing with regards to alcohol it might open her eyes. At the end of the day however, some people just don't want to believe that their son or daughter could be an alcoholic.

Put the drink you had behind you, but learn from it. Today will be a good day if you remain sober.
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There;s some great advice here BigAquaGirl.

There will always be reasons and excuses to drink. It;s up to us to find better ways to deal with things.

I think if we want change you need to make changes. I know we've spoken about this before and a lot of things you feel you can't do for support.

Maybe think about what you can do, and are prepared to do in the way of support and changes, and go from there?

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