why do I do this to myself?

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why do I do this to myself?

Yesterday I felt amazing. Sober and so happy and then I started thinking that maybe one drink would make me feel even i went to the bar at 3 pm and had four shots. Today I hate myself and cant figure out where i went wrong. I feel like everyone hates me. I am in a panic and feel like there is no way i can beat this. please help!
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What have you tried before Tipper? I understand where you're coming from. For years I couldn't get past one day sober. I credit the support here and AVRT with getting me over the first hurdle. You'll find lot's of help and support round here x
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I have been to aa, but i feel like no one likes me. Im also ashamed of being an addict. I dont have any support and i am embarassed to ask for help. I dont know what to do..
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Hi Tipper

I think a lot of us felt too ashamed to ask for help.
In my case I only got worse when I wouldn't ask for help.

Cultivate the skill. It's hard to start with but not impossible.

Learn to reach out when your head tellls you a drink will make you feel better.
You'll be glad you did, later

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Don't remember but I was in the chat room today.. I do not have the Internet at home wish I could go to th chat room.. But we can both do this... I have been a on and off drunk for about 7 years.. The last 2 years were the worst... I am afraid to ask for help.. I finally told someone the other nite, it was a big relief.. I'm on day one, I am hanging in there.. Let do this!!! Post back if ya need to talk..
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Nobody hates you.
People would stop worrying about what people think of them if they only realized how little they did.
Replace the negative thoughts with song lyrics and you will realize that we are all the same but different. We are one.
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Thank you all..missinglife.. let's work together.. please feel free to write me anytime about your feefeeli
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