Adverse reaction to Ativan?

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Adverse reaction to Ativan?

Hey all,

I posted here a while back but had since been doing well. Until this week........About a 5 day bender.

Checked myself in to the ER (intoxicated) with a very elevated heart rate and anxiety. They gave me Ativan and I eventually blacked out. I 'came to' roughly 24 hours later with faint memories of hallucinations, ripping out my iv's, and very serious confusion. Couldn't walk or remember where I was for 2-3 days.

I am 25 and do not get drunk EVERY night. Could this be my first episode of DT or possibly just a reaction between the drugs and alcohol?

Thanks in advance for any advice!
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It could be a lot of things, but nothing we can diagnose here as we can't give medical advice. What did the physicians say? I'm assuming you were in the hospital when it happened as you reference IV's?
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Hey Scott,

Yes I was on the hospital. They gave me the ativan for withdrawal symptoms, but I do not believe I was having withdrawal symptoms as I was very intoxicated upon arriving.
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i hope that experience was enough to stop drinking altogether????
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It was terrible, but even after ~6 days without a drink I still feel shakey and have chest pains.
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It's quite possible to be both drunk and in withdrawal. Done it.
I'm not a Dr though - you'd need to ask their opinion.

Glad you're ok, but I'd focus your energies on what you are going to do to stay sober now, so as you're never in that situation again, not what caused your blackout.

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Whatever it was, it sounds horrible. If you don't drink anymore you won't have to go thru that again.
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