Made it!

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Made it!

Just back in the capital after eight days in the bush and...I made it! Didn't drink and can happily report I am still sober over two months now since the last time I was here and relapsed.

It wasn't as hard as I imagined nor as easy. There were two nights when, coming into base or camp off of grueling days in the heat stung to hell by God-only-knows what, all my brain kept thinking was "Ice cold beer! I deserve it!" Didn't help that those around me were vocalizing the same desire, repeatedly, either.

But I had a plan. And that plan was cookies. I had stopped at the one remaining petrol station (thank you France for daring to drill for oil where no other man or country in their right mind would go!!) and stocked up on chocolate covered biscuits of some fashion (label was in Arabic so they could have been chocolate covered goat toes for all I knew). Naturally, since I had my thinking cap on when it comes to smart purchasing in the jungle, they had melted into one solid lump by the time we reached camp in the 100 degree heat. So those two nights the guys and gals were enjoying ice cold beers on river----I was huddled in my room under the mosquito net sweating like a donkey while hacking pieces of melted chocolate off my giant cookie lump with my pen knife. Appealing, right? Sexy even.

But the good part is that it worked and I remained sober. I am back to civilization for another few nights before back out of range again but I just wanted to let you all know I made it through the first hurdle.

Thank you again for being here both before and after.
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I have improvised a solar fridge out of a terracotta pot up-side down in a bowl of water before , capilary action and evaporation keep the inside relatively cool , just have to find something to ballance the cookies on or put them in so they don't get wet

Cloth can be used but dosn't seem as effective

Bestwishes, M
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congrats on 2 months ptcapote

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Congrats on your increasing sober time.
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Congratulations to you!!!

Hugs and prayers,

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Good for you Pt! I am very happy that you had your thinking cap on. You are amazing! Keep up the good work and please keep us posted. This made my day Pt!
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The plan was cookies ...I must remember that. Ptcapote - we are so proud of your accomplishment!
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That's great Pt, you did it! I love the cookie plan!
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I'm really glad that you got through it.
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"chocolate covered goat toes"? That was pretty funny. I enjoyed your story, and:

Welcome back! 2 months is great! Good job resisting the stuff while you were out there.
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Ptcapote, 2 months? You are FANTASTIC. Congratulations.
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Fantastic story. Congrats on making it through!
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