Why do I lie when I drink?

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The lies I tell are always about the amount I have drank......"I have only had a couple" while staggering around.

Welcome to SR Soberstephanie.
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The answer is, "you are taking a mind altering drug and it is altering your mind." The question is, "what are you doing to stop the behavior that is altering your mind."
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Been there, done that!
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Lol... I thought it was only me.. Some of the complete rubbish that has come out of my mouth would leave some of you in astonishment and to think I actually believe the crap whilst drunk too... I once told a girl I kidnapped my nan.loool don't ask why I love my nan and would never kidnapp anyone... Insanity.
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Personally, I think it is the "drama". For me, anymore, it is not "getting drunk" but the "getting away with it". I guess a big factor here is boredom, and, although it can lead to awful consequences, somehow it fills a need.

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I feel your pain, exactly my story too.

The worst. You're not alone. I feel like such an idiot when I do it. The next few days after I drink when I tell a ton of ridiculous stories is some of the worst hours of my life. Trying to get sober now, I can't deal with the crazy nonsense that comes out of my mouth.
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Welcome to SR Inspired

Like I said upthread, it's great to live without those ridiculous lies

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Welcome Inspired
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Drinking lowers inhibitions and we do things we normally wouldn't do. Its why people with drinking problems gamble, get in trouble with the law, cheat on their spouses and....lie when they don't need to. In some cases alcohol makes people more honest (an opinionated)than they would normally be and that leads to a whole new set of problems. Personally, I was one who got very truthful when drinking and on occasion it was not pleasant because I was a jerk.
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On 10th of sep 2016 saturday. I was celebrating my bday with a guy that i liked very much. He was so nice and we were having a good time i had couple of drinks and didnt realize when it started to take affect. My head started spinning i don't remember much what was goin on apart from me lying and making up stories about me going through depression. How i made many attempts to kill myself and survived. I had told him i was dying if i am not mistaken and i think i must have mentioned about my ex bf which i don't remember since he said i cannot start anything new with you if you cannot get over your ex bf.
All i remember is the guy was so scared and thought i was some psycho crazy person and wanted to take me home. He thought i was going to kill myself at his place i guess and that he would need to take me to the hospital since i was crying a lot. I really don't understand why i would say such a stupid thing. I would never ever think of committing suicide nor am i dying. I made such a big mistake of consuming 4 cups of vodka with orange juice that later made me talk a lot of crap which were all lies. I don't know what is on his mind at the moment but i know that nite everything was messed up.
I wish i could turn back times or hope he forget that incident. I also said i would make out with his friends which is nasty i would never do such a thing not even in my dreams.
I don't understand why all these wrong and negative things were coming out my mouth .
I wish he would understand that i am not crazy and that all the things i said were not true and things would get normal.
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Yep. Drinking has the same effect on my honesty also. Sober, I'm as honest as they come. When I was drinking I would lie about it without a second thought.

This is one of the bigger reasons I am grateful to be sober today. Alcohol made me do things I didn't ever want to do.
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Originally Posted by soberstephanie View Post
You know, it's bad enough to wake up with a hangover, and just lay around all day feeling vomitous, but remembering the lies I told to friends and family while I was drunk just makes me want to hide my head in the sand or move to another country.
You are not alone. I told my neighbor that I used to be married to an NBA player who gave me a 6 carat black diamond engagement ring and he took everything when we divorced. That's why I live in an apartment beside her....go figure

I've never been married

There has to be something mental that switches when we drink. Kinda like people that are 'mean' drunks or 'happy' drunks.
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I do the same thing. Just woke up this afternoon after a night of drinking with some friends, and luckily I didn't tell them any lies. I still had some reason at that point. Then there was this handsome guy at the bar, and I took him to my place, and we kissed and talked a lot, and at some point he started crying cause he never had a one-night stand (he is 19, i am 24), and he started telling me about how his dad died as a child and that his dad would be ashamed of him having sex without knowing me, and that he miss having a dad. and STUPID as i am, i wanted to connect with him in this state, so i told him that my last boyfriend died in an accident, and i knew how hard it was. Sure, i did break a long term relationship cause of a depression i suffered, but he didn't DIE. We both cried, and it was beautiful and we were so nice and gentle to eachother. but sh*t i lied about DEATH. i have def reached a low point, i think about telling him i lied now. but he will think i am a terrible person, which i am not, but the lie def was beyond terrible. i do think it is selfish to tell him and ruin his trust in me (and maybe others too) just to relieve my guilt. i feel soo bad.
This is not the first time i lied. i lied about drug abuse, sugardating, musical skills, language skills, gymnastic skills etc.
Probably should stop drinking, when i am sober this never happen.
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Man can I relate to this thread! The lying was hands down the worst side effec of my drinking. As many of the other posters have said also, I am an incredibly honest person with integrity when sober, yet once inebriated, I become a different person entirely. I've told pointless lies and damaging lies, big and small, across a whole spectrum. That sick feeling in the pit of my stomach when the lies I've told when under the influence flood back to me is what motivates me to push forward with my sober journey and to shun the AV.

No idea why I do this, I would never behave that way sober. I'm sure it is the interaction of alcohol at play with my deeper insecurities. That's the problem with alcohol - you abuse it because the AV promises it will help to soothe your pain and your damaging thoughts or inner worries, yet in reality it manipulates and exacerbates them.

Best of luck.
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Welcome to SR Sofie

I think a lot of my lying came from a place of never feeluing good enough...but it ended up a drunken habit without rhyme or reason.

Like I said earlier in the thread, life is a lot less complicated now

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Dealing with this right now

Yep, this is me too, down to a tee.

I'm currently laying in bed with a hangover absolutely sick to my stomach at some of the embarrassing lies and outrageous stories I told last night.

I guess I should take solace at the fact that none of them were long-term damaging, but the residue social anxiety and embarrassment is what is driving me to continue to cut back on my drinking.

After last night I can see the day that I walk away from drink entirely approaching rapidly.
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Everybody does odd things whilst drunk, I was sitting at the golf club yesterday afternoon with two members who called me over whilst I was sipping my sparkling water with lime. They are nice guys and had been drinking a few hours. Several times in the hour I sat chatting to them I had to say wtf are you talking about! People talk BS when drunk itís pretty much a given, itís not a big deal!

If you are bothered next time you see your new friend say something like you know the other night when I was semi wasted and I told you Iíd had boxing lessons since 12 what I should have said is that it would have been cool if Iíd had boxing lessons since 12. I talk a load of tosh sometimes when Iím drunk and I like you so I just wanted you to clarify that!
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