Day 28 ...

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Day 28 ...

All I can say is, wow!
I know I have been slacking about my posts, but for the past couple of days I have been in awe of how much I am loved and cherished by the God Almighty!
My first 10 days it was a constant battle and I did not want to allow God into my situation. As I have posted before, I did not just "give in to God", I INVITED HIM into my situation. Oh how he has restored my joy and he has not banished me from His presence.
I do not know you all, where you stand, or even if you believe in God;HE is the One who has given me the strength to stand in the darkest of times. I have truly felt the heart beat of God.
Through all of this God HAS been my strength.
For all of you who are in your early stages of sobriety, KEEP IT UP. Through the rough and hard times, it does get better. Try to keep your mind focused and centered on something that is a positive re-enforcement.
You have already won the war by choosing to take control of your life through recovery. Now it is the small constant battles that you must face; the battles to remain in sobriety.
Keep pressing forward!
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Congratulations EndStage! Today might be a good day to watch the movie 28 DAYS as a reward.
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Actually Wanttobepure, funny you would mention that.
I wanted to do that however, for me ... I believe it is still too soon and I do not want to trigger myself or allow any opportunities to arise.
I'm being very cautious this time. No more relapses, no more day 1's, this is it. Final time.
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