Quitting opiates for good I need help I am falling apart

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Quitting opiates for good I need help I am falling apart

Hi I just joined this forum I'm not sure if this is the right place to post but it said newcomers.

I need help I di t know what to do anymore it all started 3 years ago I had kidney stones and the dr told me they would not pass so I needed a operation where they cut and took the stone out so they gave me percocets I would take as directed and it was like heaven I felt great as most everyone knows I felt I could conquer the world and I have on top of it a very stressful job good paying I wear a suit everyday and meetings so 1 Percocet then 2 then I started to run out got refills and kept going finally I couldn't get refills I switched to vicodin ongoing was it great then moved on to Roxie's figured hey no Tylenol these are perfect so I would cut a Roxie into 4th's them started taking 1 then two at a time I was up to 6 per day 30mg Roxie's.

Well now I don't feel happy on them I take them to be normal it ruined my job I became paranoid and angry at work and I'm afraid to even drive anyone I talk to I'm paranoid they think I'm on drugs I'm angry all the time and unhappy. I have thought about suboxone idk

Anyways I'm through I'm gonna suffer I can't take it anymore I mean all I think about us pills omg so I've tapered down to one per day and I feel like crap .

I am taking multivitamins and xanax at night to sleep and now I'm all out of pills the problem I have us that I can get them so easy and I'm so afraid if I quit how to control not going back that's my fear and also the withdrawals but lets say I do go through it how am I going to stop I practically will see them everyday like quitting smoking and being around a smoker. Any advise would be great did anyone succesfully quit on they're own or should I do suboxone I called about it and they said 48 in withdrawal and it cost $200 for dose

Thanks everyone I feel so low I was the guy that wouldn't take any medicine when I was you get now when I think about it I wanna cry how did this happen to me I want to be like before I ever took a pill
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Hi dreyday and welcome to SR. This stuff rules and ruins your life. My DOC is alcohol but I would take pills too. You should talk to your doctor, be honest, and they can help you get off this stuff or refer you to someone who can. I have a friend who just quit similar pills and he says that it is such a relief not to worry about getting refills, finding more pills, being paranoid. Etc. good luck!
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aww Drey I so feel for you. Drey can u take a week off work? I went into a detox. They make you comfortable and introduce you to NA. They get you off them safely. My detox was free. I have heard horror stories about suboxene withdrawal too but no personal experience with that.

I would definitely look into detox if you can take a leave of absence. Your workplace probably knows u have a problem and would probably be happy you are getting help. Detox is not a big deal. People from all walks of life are addicted to pain meds. I really think it was the easier way to go. Sorry u feel so bad. i know ur pain. been there done that. Here if u need a friend.
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Dre, I am in my second week off of vicoden 20 pill a day habit. Cold turkey. My wife still takes them so they are in the house all the time. Not going to lie. It is going to rough, real rough. But you can do it. Read stilltrecking's 30 day post. He breaks down the first 5 weeks and so far it is spot on. You can do it. Many people on here have. What ever way you choose to stop do it. You'll find so much support here. It is not going to be fun or comfortable. There is no magic day that the pain of withdrawals stops. Insomnia is what is killing me right now. It may take more than one try. But no matter what keep trying. I lost my job as an Aerospace engineer due to these things. We cannot support my family with what my wife makes especially with both our habits was 200 dollars a day. We are about to get evicted, cannot pay any of our bills... I knew my wife isn't ready yet and I knew I had to stop to not become homeless and lose my son. And I did it. I am not near out of the doghouse yet. But week 2 is def better than week one. Good luck. You can do it. Cheers. Much love and peace.
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Welcome Drey. You found the best place ever for support and encouragement.

I don't have any drug experience, but I sure know those feelings of misery and desperation that you described. Here's where it can end, though. I'm glad you are reaching out for a better life. Once this is over, you never have to go there again - you'll have your life back and you'll be free. We're glad you're here.
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Thumbs up


It's a brand new day! And a whole new world in sobriety! WELCOME! Keep posting and thank you so much for your honest share. It hurts, I know, but we're all here for you!

YAY Dreydey!


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you will get better dreyday , very difficult at the begining. i wasclimbing the walls had to sleep on y couch with tv on , heart racing, thinking everyones talking about me my thouyghts racingall over the place. nearly twomonths forme , still very very early daysim 100 x better. can sleep better , dont care if anyones talking about me and can stand and feelhuman again. i went to aa. maybe na would be good for you but give it time and you will get better
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