Sponsor less and relapsed

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Originally Posted by Bluetiger View Post
Nah I like meetings but there hard to get too being that I have a 7 year old ... I go to 4 a week ... I was doing the best I could ... I read up to chapter 6 in the bb and we did the steps out of the little red book and the step book... She was going so fast I really don't even know what I read
thats a searious problem then. as a sponsor, i have a responsibilty that the sponsee understands each step and the principle behind it. this isnt a race. its a journey.
ya got some prayers for ya and i hope yer doin better today.
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Originally Posted by Bluetiger View Post
Thanks ... I told her the truth I drank bc I'm an alcoholic not cause of her but I thought she was supposed to guide me not push me .... I'm really unsure of everything I learned now bc I don't know how to feel comfortable ... She has twenty years and I have three days .... Ugh
Perhaps she has so much time sober she's entirely forgotten what it is like to be where you are.

Sometimes a 6 year-old can understand a 5 year-old better than an 80 year-old can. Sure, the 80 year-old was 5 once too, but likely she doesn't actually remember it very well.
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Getting sober is tough. AA can be tough. Step work is definitely WORK! You need your sponsor to be on your side. I don't mean giving you an easy pass or letting you get away with not doing the work but they should guide you and help you find your own path in sobriety. It sounds tough for you at the moment but it also sounds like you got away from a sponsor who wasn't right for you. Hope you find a new one soon that suits you and your recovery.x
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Ok I'm back on track ... I got a new sponsor and she's living the program .... She runs 3 rehab centers for women .... She's a no ******** type of woman and I'm honored she said yes to sponsoring me ... I made a meeting every night this week
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Way to go with getting back on the train Bluetiger.
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