alcohol aging and reversing effects after stopping?

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Originally Posted by magnum102 View Post
Going to stop drinking for at least a month maybe longer. 25-29 been functional alcoholic drinking pretty much every night. I look bad now looking in pics, not only fat, red bloated face (sober, probably more red when drunk), my hair line going back a little big more also like 40 pounds heavier than i should be.

Did you notice much changing in your appearance after stopping?

I want to look like i did years ago. I look at my friends facebook pics and they all look just about the same as high school.......... this depresses me and almost makes me want to drink.......

will stopping reverse some of this damage or have i done too much harm to myself?
I post pictures of myself every few months to keep myself motivated, to see the difference not drinking makes, and because I am a visual person, I need to see things side by side sometimes. I also want to add on that alcohol is a depressant, when I am depressed I forget to take care of my basic needs: showering, brushing my teeth, eating properly (or sometimes it would just be coffee and booze), holing myself inside and drinking instead of getting out and interacting with others. I guess to answer your question, it hasn't happened overnight for me. I am getting further away from a depressive state of mind, and I am learning to love myself a little more everyday, with that comes those basic needs taken care of and healthier choices... But be aware of the Ben and Jerry's monster and its evil side kick: evil artisan cupcake queen... They will most definitely contribute to muffin top
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Originally Posted by Wastinglife View Post
I lost 40 pounds within a year of quitting drinking. I was downing minimum 12 beers everyday (tall cans) so I figure that was an extra 2000 calories or so per day. My face was so bloated and I had a huge gut. I look younger now than I did 10 years ago.
this is inspiring and all the other responses. I have always been told I have a baby face when i rarely drank at 21 people thought I was 15, now i'm 29 and people think i'm thirty. I think it's my red eyes, bags, bloat and malnutrition. been trying to diet, but half my calories would be from beer, that means not getting much protein etc.... i'm 1.5 days sober now and honestly felt like my double chin was much less this morning. motivates me to get another day in.

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can really age one

the court house in El Cajon, Calif
has some before and after arrest pictures up on a bulletin board
some have been arrested several times over say 10 to 15 years
these are the ones who have not stopped
some only after a few years do not even look like the same person

that drinking and using can really age one

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Day 10 and I finally just noticed this morning that I can see a difference. It's subtle, but it's definitely real, and it would probably be even more noticeable if I hadn't spent the last 10 days self-medicating with epic quantities of processed sugar and getting crappy sleep. Today I'm committed to dialing down the sugar, eating better food, getting some fresh air and exercise. I'm excited about where I'll be in another 10 days---mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually.
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I'm bumping this because I saw a picture of a friend of mine at a special family event. His kids are just so beautiful and proud to be his kids. He is a heavy alcoholic and his eyes look like he just went through a 12 round fight. It's so sad what alcohol does to your body. After I quit a woman at work told me I looked 10 years younger. Amazing.
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Yes, for most when they sober up they look better in short time.

And for the one's that don't, it's usually a down hill slide.

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My sister told me I looked 10 years younger about 6 months after I quit. I also changed my hair colour and style. I felt like a change so instead of wearing jeans and trousers which I have done for nearly 20 years I now wear lots of skirts and dresses. My weight hasn't changed though and to be honest this was a major motivation in stopping drinking but there have been so many unexpected bonuses that the lack of weight loss is ok. Here are things I no longer worry about that when I was drinking were a major issue
1. Burning acid reflux that made me vomit. Made eating anything extremely unpleasant. Magically disappeared when loaded though, making it easy to scarf down burgers and pizza at 3 am
2. Bright red, fat and shiny bloated face
3. Fingers so bloated I couldn't make a fist
4. Grey / black teeth and lips from red wine
5 . Hair loss on one side and overall thinning hair - hair grew back within six months of quitting
6. Vomiting and crying in the shower every morning before work. Having 20 minutes to shower, get dressed and try and eat because I was too hungover to get up earlier
7. Panic attacks and chest pain driving to work. I have vomited out of the car door in front of kids going to school and didn't care.
8. Having to use the bathroom the instant I arrived at work on a daily basis. Highly offensive diarrhoea ( sorry)
9. Coping with daily questions " are you ok" " are you tired, sick, upset? What's that smell ?
10. The misery of finishing work knowing the same thing would be repeated the next morning.
It's worth it . I can't believe I lived like that for so long. I am at home with the flu today but I feel better than being hungover. I wish everyone quitting all the best and hang in there!
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