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I originally didn't want to post here, but I feel as though I should at least say thanks for the motivation I received from reading some of the post.

I recently felt it was necessary to quit drinking, at least for a while, if not forever. I am a few years shy of 30, but in the past couple of years I have drank a lot. I just finished day 4 without any booze, and I have to say it has not been easy. I decided to lay off the booze a while after a 4 day bender, and the withdrawal wasn't pleasant to say the least. I am still not tired at night, but I think it is getting better.

I started drinking alcohol at a pretty young age, but I didn't start drinking heavily until the age of 22. My occupation forced me to take a month off here and there, but the last couple of years have been pretty bad. This month really marks 2 years of drinking anywhere between 4-24 drinks a night, with very few nights off. I currently live in a city that has loads of bars. It is a tourist town so even if you avoid the bars, pretty much everywhere serves alcohol.

Anyways, I don't know if I will quit drinking forever, but I certainly am not going to drink for a while. Thanks for the motivation
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I'm glad we gave you the motivation to stop drinking, even if only for a while. I never thought I could stay sober for very long and now I'm over three years sober and doing fine.
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Do you live in LaCrosse, WI? Most bars per capita as I am told. Went there once, I believe they are telling the truth.

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Yes least, I am thinking I will try to make it for a while. I know that after not drinking for a week or two that I will no longer feel like I have a problem. However, I also know that every time I think this way I end up drinking heavily again at some point. Awesome that you have been sober for 3 years!
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Myself and many of us have/had a huge problem of getting honest with ourselves before getting/staying sober. Congratulations for your insight. Continuing to drink for most of us never made the outcome continually better. It's simple not to drink, not easy. You never have to go through stopping again if you don't pick up the first one. BE WELL
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OpercentABV, I am actually living abroad at the moment in Asia. Certainly less regulations here than in the US as far as liquor licenses and that type of thing.
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Welcome to SR!

Hugs and prayers,

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Hi Powell. I'm so glad you decided to post.

It's good you're taking a look at what alcohol is doing to your life. I waited too long to take action. I never wanted to let go of the idea that I could drink socially. In the end I was completely dependent on it & my life was a train wreck. This won't have to happen to you. We're happy to have you join us.
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Just wanted to come back and update. I still have not drank anything. This is day 25, and I honestly feel great. Yes, it was really tough there for a while, but if you just push through the cravings it will be worth it.

To anyone that might have doubts, just try it. Try to do at least a month. You will be surprised how good you feel not drinking, not to mention how much money you will save. Take Care everyone!
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