reflecting my drunking pass

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reflecting my drunking pass

Haven't really been on here that much anymore. Too busy with work and life just feel tried over here thinking about if I slip or recovery system.

Anyway to my topic in hand. I was talking to a friend well more or less someone I know who can only stay sober for a week the longest before some excuse comes along and she drinks 2 liters of wine at night. Funny how she said that her problem is not that bad because she does not drink a week when she starts. Aka me she was talking about or she only drinks wine and not vodka aka someone she does not likes. This is pretty much what she does when she get drunk and blame everyone but herself for getting drunk. I get a text from her a few times a week that she get drunk and all the excuse on why her life is hard or how its not her fault or un fair.

I pretty much was the same way when I got drunk for does, blame everyone else but myself for my problems.

I would like to know if you know anyway like that and now that your sober you saw that you act the same why as your drunk friend.
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I certainly know someone like that! ME! That is exactly what I would do only I drank almost every night and when I tried to quit at first I would go for about 2 weeks and then of course I would have some excuse to drink.

Yup, My drinking was NEVER my fault in my mind! Always was something or someone elses.
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Absolutely...and if I didn't have a reason to drink, I'd invent one!x
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