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Unhappy First Post

Hello all,
My name is Keith. I guess i should just give you my backstory. I was addicted to oxy's and heroin for 3 years before i got help on Jan 2nd 2009. I was put on suboxone. I been on suboxone since then however late last year i lost my insurance and could not afford my appointment so i decided to try and ween myself of with my last script, however that didnt work out. I got my insurance back last month and i have been trying to get a new sub doctor, however after a few weeks of searches for lortabs or any opiates to keep my withdrawel at ease until i got back on suboxone i decided to just bite the bullet and go through detox. I get admitted tomorrow, i have never been more scared and nervous in my life. however the support of my fiance and just the thought that in the end this will be better for my daughter has given me the strength to do this. I know its going to be hell but it has to be done. i guess when it comes down to it, i have to pay for what i have put my body through. in conclusion i just wanted to join the site for some support from other who know what its like, and to hopefully help others once i get through this... thanks for listening.
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Welcome Keith - you'll find a ton of support here
You may also want to check out our substance abuse forum:

Substance Abuse - SoberRecovery : Alcoholism Drug Addiction Help and Information

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ahhhh Keith, detox is fine. You will be fine. I am a veteran of detoxes. lol

They will make you very comfortable. You will eat good. It's really laid back, no big deal. Bring a jacket, they keep it very cold in there. Bring warm jammies. Most people just wear sweats. Bring slippers if you have them. They will probably bring in AA and or NA meetings in there too. I spoke at detox several times about 6 months ago.

The staff is usually very compassionate. They will check your suitcase to make sure you have no drugs. May take away any liquids like shampoos. They are gonna give you meds to ease your withdrawals, You are making a very wise choice. It's gonna be ok I promise.

I kinda enjoyed it! lol It's not like people are walking around going out of their minds or anything. they take your blood pressure regularly. You can watch TV play cards. Best wishes! You will feel hopeful once you get clean and then meetings, meetings, meetings!
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Lol thanks deeker... That's makes me feel a little more comfortable... I been going crazy this morning with nervousness, but that definitely helps i appreciate it and im sure mill be on here regularly to update and to just read other posts as they ease my mind MOST of the time. Thanks again.
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You're making a great choice Keith!
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Welcome Keith. Keep the focus on yourself and illness. Treatment is a place you get a lot of help, connect with someone from your hometown so when you get back. Best to you.
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