4 months sober !!

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4 months sober !!

At midnight ! The last time I quit I went four months and relapsed but I think that this time is forever. I do not have many friends anymore, all I do is go to school, work, community service, aa, and DUI classes everyday and occasionally the gym. You would think that's a boring life and I was depressed but just the state of being sober puts me in a good mood in everything I do even if they seem like boring priorities. The fact of the matter is that these things show that I am now more productive than I've ever been and I can thank sobriety for that. No more hangovers, feeling sick, feeling like crap, no energy, getting in trouble, or having to cover up for myself. Anybody who is considering quitting and thinks that not drinking is impossible and wouldn't kno how to live sober, just try it first. I'm only at 4 months and couldn't be happier even considering everything I'm going thru to clean up the mess alcohol made. I don't blame myself for my wrongdoings, I blame alcohol. Drinking again would be stupid .. For anyone, really. I only imagine things will get better and better as my sobriety continues and I want to thank you all for your support for me and each other on a daily basis. As I become more knowledgable on how to cope with difficulties that arise during sobriety, I will be of more help and I apologize for mostly seeking help since joining but felt like there were some rough days and some of you have helped. Cheers (raises glass of water, yummy)
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Sobriety is Traditional
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Congratulations, Happy Hour!

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Great job SHH. Your life sounds like anything but boring. Sobriety, a job and a healthy outlook on life is a great combo!
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Wonderful accomplishment, thanks for sharing. This WILL be the last time, right?!!! You sound like you are really getting things done now and have made some progress. Congratulations!
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Amazing! Happy for you.
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Congratulations, and great job! You have inspired me, and I will be here to cheer at my 4 months sober, too.

Greetings from a native Californian!
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Stories like yours are a definite inspiration and very helpful to those of us earlier on in our journeys.

So big congrats on your four months and thank you so much for the post!!
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Awesome, SHH. I'm earlier into the journey (about 35 days) but have noticed some of the same things - initially, my fear was that I would miss the "excitement" of my drinking/party binges and that I would be forced to live like some sort of monk. However, I find myself happier and prouder with each passing day just living a normal sober life - being consistently productive and feeling healthy fills the void of the fleeting pleasures I felt from drinking. Nicely done sir.
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Faith and reason
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Wow, congratulations SHH. That's awesome!
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Great post, and congratulations x

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