feeling a little crazy & codependent

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feeling a little crazy & codependent

THERE are moments I truly & incorrectly believe i have my issues in check. Thought i did earlier then someone close to me did something that hurt my feelings & i feel off the wall! Best part? It wasnt intentiinal on their part. I am just taking it that way. I want to cry & stomp my feet like a baby. I am glad i have the insight to not act this way towards them but sheesh. I dont drink anymore but i still got issues lol
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Being sober doesn't make us perfect quit - I think it makes us better able to deal with out issues tho

I hope the rest of your day is good

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Quitforme, you are FANTASTIC.
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Thank you Dee and Nefer!!! I don't know about fantastic but thank you for the kind words So true Dee...if I was drunk I would've probably lashed out or been all passive aggressive and in turn hurt them. I confronted it like a sober adult ...that IS pretty cool and for that I am grateful.
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Yea there will always be conflict in our lives. As long as we continue to mature and grow we can react in a healthy manner to things or people that hurt us. I know I would lash out and wail like a child just to manipulate other people. Keep on with the strength and growth!
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