Now entering day 13 - VERY VERY IRRITABLE!!

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Now entering day 13 - VERY VERY IRRITABLE!!

My quit date: 3/12/13 12:01 AM
I have been alcohol free for 12 days 11 hours 41 minutes and 58 seconds!
I did not spend $196.02 on beer!
I did not drink 99 cans of beer, and 8 glasses of beer at the bar!

Yesterday (Saturday) I was at the peak of irritability and I suspect my AV is seriously messing with my head!!

I had a pounding headache even after taking a couple aspirins and am developing various pains in my muscles, not sure why!!

I blew up at a co-worker for a pretty minimal thing. I have always been a bit short-fused but this was rather out of the blue.

Anyone know of some resources for anger management?

I so wanted to just get a 6 pak and curl up with a movie and drink. Thankfully I didn't, and once I got home I ate something and felt a bit better.

A buddy of mine came over and I didn't get mad at him, but did find I was trying to hasten the conversation, completing sentences for him etc.

I am also rather bummed out by a new situation where my ex g/f (we split on very good terms, (I relocated to a new city and she was very agreeable to it etc), has decided to dis-continue me from her life. I am very sad about this, I really like her and I thought that our friendship would always be in tact.

I don't know what brought this on, perhaps she found another guy, which I would give her my blessings for!! I know she is under stress having to move etc, but I dunno, just feel a little lost.

Anyhow, today is a new day, still have the headache, don't have to work so thats cool.

Ok rant over haha
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You are not at all alone in this. Your beast is trying to be sly.. It is a favorite trick of my beast as well. Finally I have accepted that I am just "getting better" and the only thing that can make the exhaustion, irritability, so-mad-at-everything-right-now feeling any better is not to drink. I am sure we will both be perkier soon. Jess
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