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3 weeks - Sooo Tired

I posted something similar in my January 2013 thread, but wanted to post here for a wider audience and get some feedback.

Today is day 21 for my current sober run. So far in 2013 I think I have had about 55 alcohol free days in total.

There are so many great things about being sober, but I find I have gone past the initial euphoria of being sober, and am just dog tired after about 4pm every day.

I am sleeping well, in bed most nights about 9:30pm, sleep right through to about 6:30am.

I am trying to exercise but strained my back so have had to take that slow, and I am trying to eat properly. In terms of diet and exercise I have definitely improved, but I have room for improvement still.

Those of you who are on months and months (or years) of sobriety, when did this tired feeling go away for you?

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mecanix (03-22-2013)
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It took 30 days for me, maybe even a little more James.

if you're worried why not see a Dr?

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mecanix (03-22-2013)
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Off and on for a few months. Quite a few months I think. I got checked out but my iron and thyroid etc were fine. But it was good to know. Try it.

Otherwise try to be patient with yourself. We didnt get to this spot overnight and we don't get out overnight either. But we do get out.

I think post sobriety fatigue is just a testament to how much we have been poisoned. Why the loss of vitamins and minerals alone from drinking is staggering!

Besides, it takes a lot of energy to stay sober in the beginning.

Congratulations on your sobriety. I think that is just wonderful!
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This is pretty normal. For me the first two months were pretty hard and slow. It was like mentally my brain had checked out and wanted to be anywhere else but inside my head. Since then, energy and focus has come back, albeit in fits and starts, but it has by no means been a straight line.

My advice, don't take anything to challenging or new for the next few weeks and try to exercise a little every day, even that means just going for a short walk outside.

I'm currently at 4.5 months sober and generally speaking, I feel miles better now than I did on November 10, 2012. My days are soooo much more productive.

Hang in there, it gets better, just have to be patient. And huge congrats on 3 weeks, that is massive!
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mecanix (03-22-2013)
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Hi, JA, at 21 days I was still quite anxious and focused on drink and ways to avoid it and looking back I think that must have been quite worrying and exhausting.
I did take vitamins almost religiously to the point of very coloufull and bright pee, not sure if they helped physically but it did mentally.
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I just passed 18 months ,
Sleeping sorted itself out within the first couple of months for me and settled into my 6 nights normal and 1 night wide awake routine . i just use the wide awake night for study / u-tube / games .

For me i think it took a good 6 months for my body chemistry to settle itself down.

Bestwishes, M
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