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welp, In the midst of all the madness that is apparently my life these days, I forgot to brag. I am 64 days sober today! i remember thinking that 2 weeks would be the longest stretch for me! I have been sober now for the longest span of my life since I was a teenager. Wow.
There have been many times I've thought about drinking. Many times I've felt a little resentment towards those who can drink without dire consequences.
I have fought those urges and feel so good about it. I know the challenges are not over. I know temptation lingers all over the place. I think I am stronger now. I know I can work through anything.
Thanks to all of you on SR for helping me keep my cool.
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Well done we are doing great this place is a dream come true for me!
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SR is a dream It helps me all the time. Love reading everyone's posts. Keeps me inspired

Great job ivegotsunshine!
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Definitely a reason to brag..... Way to go on your 64 days!
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Rock on!!!! 7
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That's great!
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You rock!
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Wonderful job on 64 big days!! I had those urges and resentments too, early on - but they left me at some point. You're doing great sunshine - proud of you!
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