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What different Tools have you all used to help you in your Sobriety other than AA?
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Sorry,I am an athiest so AA and all that does not work for me.
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A 'days sober' app & a healthy dose of comedy shows!

PS and AA

S x
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I know atheists in AA and it works fine for them. I tend towards the agnostic, myself.

Some people think of GOD as "Good Orderly Direction". I know atheist Buddhists (yes, Buddhism does not involve belief in a deity) who consider the Dharma, or the laws of the Universe, to be their Higher Power. The power of the universe, the power of a group of people who are all trying to accomplish the same thing (there being more power in the group than in the individual), any of those can serve as a perfectly good Higher Power for AA purposes. Unless, of course, you consider yourself the most powerful thing in the universe. Something even egotistical alcoholics would seldom acknowledge.

You've asked this same question on these forums a few times. I think you've gotten most of the suggestions regarding non-12-Step recovery that there are. Just out of curiosity, have you even learned enough about AA to know what it's really about? It's perfectly fine to try some other way, and some people have great success with other ways, it's just that AA is so widely available that it's a shame not to look into it further and reject the idea based on possible misconceptions.
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Alcoholism eventually cured me of my atheist/agnostic outlook. (or I was going to die)

All the best.

Bob R
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AA seems to be an Athiest haven where I live and it works for them (and me).


list of things to do daily
made myself a daily routine to follow
listed things to do if I craved (although I work the steps of AA and haven't had a craving since day 16 of sobriety)

Those are my non-AA tools.

Enjoy your sober journey!!
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Sobriety is Traditional
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I am an atheist working the NA program. I recommend this program over AA.

The tools needed for recovery are a white flag (for surrender) and a jackhammer (for moral cleansing).

SoberRecovery is kind of like an owner's manual.
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You might want to check out the Secular Recovery Forum.
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SR has helped me immensely

There's many different approaches and methods of recovery around - there's a lot of secular options too

here's some links to some of the main players, including but not limited to AA:

I recommend you visit the Secular Connections forum if you think you may benefit from a non 12 step approach.
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