Is too much coffee considered a relapse?

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Is too much coffee considered a relapse?

I am finding myself drinking lots of coffee for energy. One of my drugs of choice was adderall, for instant energy. It's not do to lack of sleep, or poor diet. I think exercise or something similiar could do the trick, but I find myself looking for an easier way. And I know too much caffiene causes ups and downs as well as other things that are not helping me with this issue.

My question is this - Considering my reasoning, would you consider drinking three to four cups of coffee a relapse? And why do I always seem to want to do something one way, when I know there is a better way? Can anyone relate?
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I sure hope not otherwise I have not once been in recovery. I drink 10
Cups a day.

I know what you mean though. I seek out energy drinks/body building supplements/guarana. Anything for a kick.
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if we (as a community, not you specifically) bandy the term relapse around too freely it loses meaning IMO.

I'd probably simplify the problem PK and remove the 'R' question - if you feel you're drinking too much coffee, or you feel you're drinking it to get some kind of high, then I'd step it back a little.

Too much of anything can be bad, especially stimulants.

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Drinking coffee didn't lead me to do things I was not wanting to tell another person!

I vote NOT a relapse.
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No. enjoy the coffee.
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Not a relapse in my book.
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No relapse.... i love coffee. I don't smoke anymore and its my only vice now
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withdraw from caffeine hurts though. big head ache and stomachache. but I do not think so.
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It depends if you're a super sober or not. I do have to watch my coffee intake at times but if coffee was a relapse I've never actually been clean.

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ok I will. Thank u
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I'll quote Dee on this one: Coffee has never wrecked havoc or destroyed any relationships in my life. Nor have I been bankrupted or thrown in jail because of it. Or has it caused debilitating or fatal health problems. And so on.

I drink about four cups in the morning. I consider it, especially as I sit here on my sofa on an early Saturday morning, sober and not hungover, one of my rewards to myself for fighting the good fight.
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Thanks but I can't claim that one Nomis.

I don't drink coffee lol

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