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Looking for some insight into my somewhat unique withdrawal situation



Looking for some insight into my somewhat unique withdrawal situation

Old 01-23-2013, 12:24 AM
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Looking for some insight into my somewhat unique withdrawal situation

Hi all, this is going to probably be a long post but thank you to those who read it. Some back story: came to college next having tried anything, freshmen year started drinking, sophomore year started smoking weed, junior year I started abusing both alcohol and weed. It got to a really bad point this year, and last semester I was drinking 1-4 beers almost every night and smoking a large amount of weed daily. Ended up causing me to fail two classes. Then, over the winter break I was shoveling snow and according to my doctor and chiropractor, I have costochondritis and Tietze's syndrome. Because of this, I had panic attacks where I thought I was dying and couldn't breathe. Once I was injured, I immediately stopped smoking and drinking, which was January second. When I saw my doctor, he put me on lexapro for mood and anxiety and trazodone for anxiety and sleep help. However, the quitting both at the same time was making me feel terrible, so I thought I would try vaporizing some weed to help my recovery. Turns out it gave me a panic attack again. I also tried having a beer casually with friends and again did not feel good. At that point I realized that I am suffering from both cannabis and alcohol withdrawal, and now have vowed to remain clean from now on. My issue is I can't handle the mood swings, the zombie life feelings, the anxiety, even with the medication, and the physical pain from my injury. I have been taking some ibuprofen or naproxin but I am wary about my stomach possibly getting more agitated than it already is, and the scare of stomach ulcers. Having no appetite and being in constant discomfort is really getting to me.
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Hi kurotokei
Thanks for you post and welcome. This is probably going to be a long reply to match your long post
I am not sure what costochondritis and Tietze's syndrome are so I am unable to comment on those. I have however suffered from depression, anxiety and panic attacks, you really have to just push on through the first few weeks of getting on to your medication - it can take up to a month before you see any improvement in the anxiety from my experience so hang in there! Also if you are not feeling that the medication your doctor has prescribed for the anxiety is working then definitely go back to see them, there are so many options when it comes to depression and anxiety meds that they will find something that works for you. Some medications can make your symptoms worse to start with but then get better, and some meds work for some people but not others. How long have you been on the medication your doctor prescribed?
In terms of the alcohol and weed, you have without a doubt made the right decision to stay off completely. Weed always caused me panic attacks when I smoked it when I was younger. And the alcohol although it probably gives a little immediate relief would cause worse panic and anxiety the next day when it has gone from your system.
For the mood swings you could try meditation and exercise (although I know that is probably the last thing you feel like doing).
Feeling like a zombie (or not really feeling anything at all) is a side effect I had on some anti-depressants/anxiety meds and for that reason I ended up going back to the doctor to try something else.
I hope some of that is useful, Take care
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Have you told your doctor about having no appetite and constant discomfort? I'd start there. Might be something else going on beside withdrawal. Congrats to you on quitting both.
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Hey there,

It sounds like you have the right idea. I experienced panic attacks and anxiety as a result of smoking an awful lot of weed in my teens. In regards to the prescription medication it's best off having an honest chat with your doctor and mentioning everything you have said in your post.

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I have experienced panic disorder and anxiety and it was escalating with my alcohol abuse. Now that I have attempted sobriety(I have had a few relapses, but not to the degree I drank before) the anxiety comes roaring back. I wake in the middle of the night and feel awful, heart racing, etc... I also think it is in part a real effect of alcohol on th eheart rhythm and rate. Not good.

I feel much better sober, and you will too. Welcome and it does sound like you are in touch with your doctor. meds can take quite a bit of adjusting for anxiety treatment. Do talk to your doc and they can tweak and changes meds. I had one that caused me greater anxiety. Finally another had fewer side effects. You need to be followed.
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