two weeks sober - very tired

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Originally Posted by Coldfusion View Post
. Would you like me to say a prayer for you too?
i would love that, thank you.
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Welcome isabellini
Congrats on the 15 days.

The eating does generally slow down but if you're worried try more salads and simple sugars (fruit etc), have smaller portions (but more meals if you need them), and involve yourself in some exercise...common sense things like that should help

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Originally Posted by Coldfusion View Post

By the way, Ohio1 had a recent post about some weird dreams of fairies in white castles. It is amazing to see him posting about salmon and goat cheese now. It is amazing because I actually prayed that he would eat some salmon and goat cheese. Would you like me to say a prayer for you too?
lol- thats pretty funny. I love the combo though of salmon with a good goat cheese sauce. It works on pasta too as a sort of Alfredo replacement and can be fairly low calorie. Just take an ounce or two of goat cheese, slowly melt it with a little butter and just a few TB spoons of milk until it is blended nicely.
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Loved reading this post as was a good reminder that I will sleep again as well as sugar cravings slowing down. Alccohol thrashed my body and mind so it makes sense time will need to pass beforeback to close to normal.
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Clean & Sober Day Nine

I wasn't getting drunk much or blacking out, but I drank pretty much every day, heavily on weekends, and used some weed from time to time. Now I'm clean and sober for nine days and counting, I'm really fatigued and other unpleasant symptoms [including unemployment], but it's somewhat comforting to hear people saying that they've experienced the same things that I am, and that it's gonna get better, fingers crossed*..
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Welcoem to the forum Gllad

Feel free to start your own thread to introduce yourself. You'll get more responses that way

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