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Lightbulb Greetings

I am only 19 years old and I have already lost several of my good friends due to raged blackouts. I will lose the love of my life if I continue to drink. I have tried to limit my drinking in the past but I just don't seem to know how to slow down. I made a pretty terrible mistake the other night and it was the last straw. I am ashamed and embarrassed of what I have done and said. I rarely make an immoral foolish decision when alcohol is not involved. In fact I would venture so far as to say I have NEVER made a bad decision while sober from alcohol.

I am sobering up because I cannot afford to hurt anyone else, including myself, because of my drinking problem. I simply cannot achieve the quality of life I need and want when alcohol is involved. I am proud of myself and excited to become the best person I can be.

I am wondering if anyone has advice on temptation. I will likely be confronted with a lot of peer pressure situations in the next few months and I am worried about my ability to say no. If you have a useful method that works for you, what is it?

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Welcome lifeiscomplex!

It's really great that you've decided to deal with this now at your age - congratulations! We all know what it's like to try to cut down (or quit) or our own, only to find ourselves doing the same thing over and over. It only gets worse if we don't deal with it.

Peer pressure is tough, but you can do it and be proud that you're not falling all over yourself and doing the stupid things we all do when we're drinking. It's wise to decline the invites to parties and bars for a while, at least until you feel a little stronger in your sobriety.

Keep reading and posting - there's a lot of support and inspiration here!
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Posts: 33 minute at a time. If you're feeling weak, go to party late and leave party early. Let your love or a close friend know your plan so they can support you. It gets a little easier with each situation you get through successfully AND you will feel GREAT the next morning!!
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Pleased to meet you, lifeiscomplex. You'll find plenty of hope & encouragement here. Glad to have you with us.

It was easier for me, too, to make the decision to stop all together. I never could predict what might happen once that first drink was in my system. I'm glad you've found this out early on - you'll never create a nightmare for yourself later in life. Keep talking to us - you can do it.
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Welcome Lifeiscomplex. That is so great that you are figuring this out at 19. I would have had a completely different life if I had done the same. I'm happy with life in general, but I think drinking played a part in many bad decisions and you pay for that in so many ways you could never imagine at 19.

Look into AVRT-the techniques helped me deal with peer pressure (yes, it still happens decades later lol) and stay on track. I also repeated "not today, maybe tomorrow" which kept me sober day to day. Initially it was hard to imagine never drinking again, now I can picture the concept.

Best of luck and post often!
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((lifeiscomplex)) - Welcome to SR!

Hugs and prayers,

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It's good you've decided to clean up your life at such a young age. i wish I'd done what you're doing when I was your age.
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Lifeiscomplex, you are FANTASTIC. 19 years old and had enough. Good for you.
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