Day 1 Sober

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Day 1 Sober

I've decided to instead of starting the 1st to start today instead.

I am finding it hard looking on my Facebook and even News channels going on about "tonight is the big knees up!!"

Does anybody have tips?

I really want to give this ago and not give in!!!
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welcome Straightedgeste

coming here is a great start - use the support & ideas you'll find here

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Welcome mate...I see you are from my neck of the woods....Good to see you here...I'm on day 25 and there's lots of advice and support here....Stick around.....
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Oh and turn off the telly and
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Hi there

Me too, day 1 is now, were doing it together, it aint easy, so many reasons to start tomorrow (next year)........lets do it
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Yep defo mate :-)
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HI Straightedgeste

Welcome, i was the same yesterday ..... i decided not to wait until the 1st of jan and got my first day done yesterday but i was also struggling with people on my facebook just constantly going on about booze so ive actually closed my account for the time being until im a few weeks sober.... then i can deal with it

Good luck
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I have given myslef something to look forward to tonight....treating myself and getting massive amount of bad food (pizza, KFC etc) and downloaded some movies via iTunes to avoid the temptation to drink
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Straightedgeste, day sober? You are FANTASTIC. Congratulations and Happy New Year.
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Good call. I did day one yesterday as didn't want to wait for nyd either, plus I knew what would happen if I gave myself licence to have one last blow out.

I'm staying in, cooking some food and having early night. I've promised myself to go out for a long walk first thing tomorrow morning to start the year healthily.

Stick in there today, weather the storm.
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Good for you Ste! And welcome to SR I am just up the road from you too.

I'd recommend avoiding facebook too. It seems to be the place where people post pictures of alcohol and complaints of hangovers... I still get narked about that months down the line, so on day one with it being new year, I'd avoid it like the plague.

Hang out here instead This is my first sober new year, and even though I don't normally do anything that special to celebrate (except get drunk), it still feels like a momentous occasion to get through sober.

Stick around here tonight, there'll be plenty of people going through the same thing.

Glad you're here x
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Congratulations straighted on starting your sober journey today.

I am in Staffordshire, so not far from you.
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My AH quit drinking 2 years ago today. I'm so proud of him. You guys can do this! Today is a great day to quit. It's also nice to NOT add another debacle to the end...

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Do you not think that it is a little bit sad that we celebrate the end of an old year and the start of a band new year by pouring loads of booze down our necks?

Then after getting drunk we greet a new years day with a raging hangover, the sweats, feeling sick and anxiety.

To me now that is no way to celebrate....

I would rather wake up without regrets, feeling awful and wanting to stay in bed all day.

For me that goes for birthdays, christmas and weddings too, especially when there are children involved.

I wish you all the luck in the world xxxx
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