Day one

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Day one

I've decided to quit drinking. I have been drinking for 12 years and have lost everything I have loved and have messed up a lot of good opertunitys. The when I don't drink I have nightmares I don't handle emotions very good and need to drink but am also not looking forward to reality.
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Have a visit with your Doctor and provide full disclosure. Yes?

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welcome aboard Jay
There's a ton of support here

do you have any kind of a plan to help you stay sober?

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As Xune said... Better check first. Detox can be brutal and dangerous
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Welcome Jay -

Glad you've made this decision! It's not easy facing day 1, but things will improve as you move forward. Don't hesitate to get medical help if you have withdrawal symptoms. Glad you're here!
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I don't have a plan. Just going to try to take it a day at a time
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Welcome Jay, Xune has a good point about seeing your doctor. Logging onto SR and reading and posting can be a good start to your plan. Lots of great support here.

Congrats on your decision to stop drinking.
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Proud of you. One day at a time, but I agree you should talk to a doctor , detox can be very dangerous. Good luck, keep coming back.
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Welcome to SR. I wish you nothing but the best on this incredible journey. It really is worth it, if you work for it and DO it.
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Welcome and congrats on day 1. You will get a lot of support here, people are great!
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Welcome to SR Jay, glad you're here!
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So it goes
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Welcome Jay
It is great here.
You get an advantage, if you stop today, you can say you havent drunk at all in 2013!
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