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Hello. I am very new to this. Skittish too. Guess that is normal. I have worked on myself for over a year now, health wise. Now I am hoping my husband will too. I have never had alcohol issues. In fact, I no longer utilize alcohol at all. My husband has over 35 yrs of beer use, daily. I am worried about his health, his future, etc. I am looking for guidance and support. I hope to learn and through that, maybe help him. I think I must understand the addiction better if I am to be there to help him. He has never attempted to remain sober before.
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This link may help you understand alcohol and its effects:

As for helping your husband, does he want to quit drinking? Or are you hoping to help convince him?

Because your husband won't recover unless he's doing it for himself. You can try to convince him he has a problem, you can offer solutions, but he has to want to make the change.

Al-anon is a great resource for the loved one of an alcoholic.
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Hey Imlanding,

Welcome to the forums.

I suggest you check out the link that Carl provided ^^^. Also like Carl said it will be much easier if your husband does want to stop drinking. If he doesn't then it could become an uphill struggle trying to get him to stop. There are a variety of different recovery methods out there such as AA, AVRT or SMART. I personally go to NA and have found a lot of help there. Wish you the best for new years.

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Welcome Imlanding!
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Welcome to the family! :ghug3 Check out this forum for advice and experience.

Friends and Family of Alcoholics - SoberRecovery : Alcoholism Drug Addiction Help and Information
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Welcome to SR ((I'mlanding))!! I do hope you check out the links provided above. There are some terrific folks, there, who know just what you are going through.

Hugs and prayers,

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Originally Posted by Imlanding View Post
I hope to learn and through that, maybe help him. I think I must understand the addiction better if I am to be there to help him. He has never attempted to remain sober before.
Is he attempting to remain sober now, or are you just hoping to rescue him?

IMO there is nothing you can do to make him sober. He has to want it himself. You can be supportive, but you can't make it happen.

Have you ever considered Alanon for yourself?
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WSelcome to SR just keep reading posting
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