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1 week tomorrow

Hi All,

Tomorrow will be one week sober for me after 20 years of not less than a six pack a night, 8 a night in recent years. Tried to quit a month ago after getting up to 10-12 beers a night, but ended up in the ER with a horrible panic attack. Then tried tapering down to quit, but had terrible anxiety and panic the entire month I tried this. Ended up doing a medical detox. I continue to experience anxiety and panic, still fatigued and look physically exhausted (very dark circles under eyes) and am unable to exercise (I'm usually very active, believe it or not). I'll be seeing the Dr. on Monday, but was just curious what experiences others might have had with long term withdrawal.

Thanks much
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Welcome Trying2Quit -

Congratulations on your week sober! Everyone's withdrawals are different, but I can definitely relate to the tiredness - it took a while to get my energy back. I also had insomnia and night sweats. The anxiety and depression started lifting after about a week.

It's definitely bumpy at first. I'd have a good day, then a bad one, then another good day, etc...... it didn't get better all at once. In fact, I was still noticing positive changes even after a year sober.

Take it a day at a time and be patient with yourself. It really does get better!
"Being happy with who you are and what you have, is a decision that has to be consciously made.
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I did a medical detox for five days...I was in a fog for a month. But I remember I couldn't believe I made it a week...Then a month. Just get through it...For me just making it through a day was all I could handle. I promise you every day you don't pick up that first drink you'll get better...If you don't have a drink...You won't need a drink. Do whatever you have to do...I use the program of AA...Support from fellow sober alcoholics was invaluable for me....For online support...This site is hard to beat.
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Oh yes anxiety, vertigo, dementia (etc.) for many years before I decided it was time to quit. I'm happy to say that after 14 months sober I only have a few moments per month where I don't feel quite right in that sort of way. I am able to cope with it now unlike when I was drinking nightly (12 pack +), everyday was a nightmare of my own creation. By the time I quit I only got about one hour of relief each day by drinking.
I can do lots of things now that I never would have done years back (due to anxiety\impending doom), I get very tensed-up on the freeway but that's about the only time for me now.
I wish you well, stick with it and you will understand exactly what 'Recovery' means.
"I've never seen anyone drink themselves smart, successful or happy.
Most end up broke, bitter and alone. <anonymous>
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I have been lucky as my withdrawal has been nowhere near as bad as yours but mine where bad enough!

Having them that bad and still been week sober is just brilliant - your a inspiration to me - well done and I hope it gets easier for you!
Don't stop me now I'm having such a good time :-)
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The first few weeks of detox are always very challenging. I applaud your committment to sobriety and I hope you feel better soon. Everyone keeps reminding me to give it time and that's hard for me - I'm an alcoholic / addict and I want relief immediately because that's what a drink or drug used to do. Now I'm learning a new way to live and I'm learning that I have to WAIT sometimes. And wait... And wait...

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congrats on your first week trying2quit! even though i had drank for over 30yrs, i don't have the severe stereotypical withdrawal symptoms... mine seem to be different. i'm worried i've done something to my liver and know i've done something to my stomach. smart move in going to the dr - my appt has been scheduled. take it easy and focus on taking care of yourself. you are important! i drink lots of a "new favorite beverages" not the alcohol kind to keep hydrated and i still sleep a lot. let your body recover.
welcome to the forum!!!
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Thank you all very much for the feedback. Sounds like everybody's experiences are different, but anxiety seems to be a pretty common problem. I'll be riding that out as best I can. Today will be my first day back to work after quitting, wish me luck!
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