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Wink New to site not recovery

I'm 28 with 8 years of recovery thanks to the fellowship of Aa and a good sponser and remaining active in my home group. I have 2 little boys 7-6 years old and they have never seen me drink yet. I know as long as I stay in today and take care of my side of the street I pray they never will. We just celebrated 8 years of recovery. I'm going back through the steps a again with my sponser I'm looking for a new way of life, the one I've been living hasn't been bad but I want to be the best ( jon) I can be today. I'm open to new resources that's why I'm here. I can clearly identify with pages 60-62 in the big book if only my wife would clean the house, have sex with me once a week, take her bi polar meds daily, want a change in her life how happy I would be!!!! If my kids would only do exactly what I want when I want, if we could live in a budget where I didn't have to work 72 hrs a week(I make 1200 take home a week and stil just pay my bills). So needless to say I'm ready for a change. I've always had good faith and rely on god(but see clearly in my life I play god instead of letting god work through me). I've been hitting my knees 2 times a day a d try to keep god counsinios throughout the day. I've always prayed And read the 24 hour book but usually only when I go to bed I work midnites. So I've been making some good chAnges I've been in the last 2-3 weeks made a decision to rework the steps with his guidance we did 1-3 he suggested pray at bedtime and when I wake up along with touchstones daily meditation for men daily reflections and 24 hour book. I just did my fourth step I printed out a set of work sheets off the Internet- that followed rite with the big book and also read step 4 in the big book. I can't wait to do the 5-6-7 step. I'm ready for a change I can clearly we a life ran on self will run riot isn't the way I want to live anymore. I went through the steps with my first sponser 7 years ago. That was before I had all this responsibilities. ( my first sponser got a double lung transplant at his 4th year sobriety a true physical second chance at life and a couple years later drank himself to death) I want a better life "we are all nuts Aa is the wrench that fits us all" if you don't go within you'll go without.
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((Young)) - Welcome to SR!

Hugs and prayers,

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Welcome to SR Young Well done on your sober time! There are often young people here who don't think they can quit so young so I am sure you will be an inspiration to them x
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8 years is fantastic.....hang in there
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hello and welcome
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it'll keep working if you keep working it
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