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Just checking in, wanted to say hello to everybody who's been supporting me and to everybody who is new too and maybe struggling. I got blasted with a bad upper respiratory infection this past week and didn't make any meetings but will start again tomorrow. I'm looking forward to it. Next Friday is 20 days sober for me, again - the past 2 times I picked up on my 20th day of sobriety so this time not only am I armed with AA (which I never thought I'd say or be happy about but I am) but I'm thinking of having a little get together on that night. Maybe with family, maybe with some AA people if I make friends by then, but just do a little something, spend the time without the wrong people this time.

To everybody who's newer than me, welcome, you're in the best place ever. The nicest, most supportive people are here and I'm glad you're here. I need all of you.

That's it just wanted to check in and say hi and show some gratitude and wish everybody a healthy, happy, sober weekend.
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hope you're feeling better backbeat

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That's awesome backbeat......It's great to see you are well armed! I hope you feel better soon and have fun celebrating that night....With the right people!!
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I hope you are feeling better now backbeat.

Congratulations on your sober time,your plan for next Friday sounds good.
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You sound like you are taking the right steps to protect your sobriety. Good! Sorry to hear you were sick. Those things can throw us off, especially in early sobriety
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Thanks for the wishes ,
I hope you have a sober one as well ,

bestwishes, M
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Backbeat, hope you're feeling better. Sounds like a great plan to invite some people over. A lot of people here seem to be struggling with issues of feeling lonely. Taking the initiative may be the first step in getting a social life back. I hope you meet some nice new friends at AA
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I thank you also for this nice message of gratitude. Hope you get better fast. Happy sober weekend to all.
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