Message in a Bottle

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Message in a Bottle

Into the third month and the mist is starting to lift. Still missing lots of things despite a meticulous set of order for everything in our house. Was searching today and found an EMPTY bottle of vodka behind some books. No idea when I put it there but it was a stark reminder of how bad things had gotten. Good timing too, I was depressed and looking to strike out against something and sobriety is always an easy target. My evil self likes to convince me that I can drink and keep it under control because life still sucks even though I am not drinking. But there was a message in that bottle....almost as if it was left by a stranger for me to find. The stranger who lived in my house, wore my clothes and drank a 780ml each day...often opening the bottle before arriving home. I don't want to let that person back into my life. Pressing on I guess.
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Good for you! And congrats on your sober time.
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Congrats on the sobriety. Sounds like that bottle came at just the right time.

I think I feel similarly. I am not sure who I am right now, and am definitely not happy, but I don't want to go back to the way it was before.

We have picked our direction and now we have to see where it leads.
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How timely, what you write. For today, while cleaning, I found a stash of seeds. But I couldn't throw them away.
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Well said tesla.

Perhaps it was put there just for you.
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Yeah, that depressed feeling, I have it also. But I'm thinking it's worth enduring instead of drinking and feeling shame. My issue is that I'm home alone. My driends all drink.
Time to watch a funny movie to boost my morale.
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sometimes we all get a little slap upside the head or a gentle kick just at the right time.

congrats on feeling better, we've all been there.
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