Moderation is not an option for me, because_______?

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Because I tried it so many times and always failed.
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I have no upper limit, never been heard to say ''no more for me thanks I have had enough''...
Would have saved a lot of problems if I had .....
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Moderation is not a good idea for me because I have plans for next week.
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Moderation is not an option because I don't see the point of having alcohol in my life at all now.
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One glass my *ss!! It's all or nothing for me. I wish I could drink moderately. Seriously it would be nice if one day out of a total of seven I came home, had one glass of wine just to relax because I actually had a really rough day, and that was it, but that's not the way it happens, at all!
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Moderation is not an option for me because:
1. What moderation? I'm an all or nothing type of gal.
2. The last few drunks resulted in: copious amounts of crying, hitting on my girlfriends (I'm straight - well... I thought I was), getting lost in dark corners, drunk texting everyone in my phone, and sending out those emails reserved as drafts only.
3. It always ends in horrible, hangover, couch days.

EternalQ, thanks for this thread. I keep coming back to it. Perhaps it should be a mando-read/sticky in the Newcomers Area.
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from the first time I drank, I drank to change the way I felt. I still do not understand how someone can have just one
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Drinking in moderation doesn't make me pass out drunk, and that's all I know what to do with alcohol.
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Moderation is not for me, because anything I obsessed over having, and then, once quit, obsessed over NOT having, is clearly something I will always obsess over.

It is clearly not something I can take or leave, like grapefruit.

I mean, this isn't a grapefruit recovery website that I've spent the last year of my life on, right?

I mean if it was, then I'd know grapefruit moderation was not an option for me!
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Because I'm addicted after one day
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Originally Posted by stairs View Post
Moderation is not an option for me because with moderation comes counting drinks, planning my next time to drink, noticing how I really do not enjoy just a few drinks, getting a headache from just a few drinks.
With moderation comes obsession and then as soon as I find sufficient excuse whether it be people, places or things, that affect me in some way whether it be good or bad, the obsession becomes compulsion and next thing I know I am drunk and off on another bender.
this perfectly sums up my problem.
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Moderation is not an option for me because... abstinence is where it's AT, baby!
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Moderation is not an option for me because I can't do it, at least not in any sustainable or predictable manner. Abstinence is my only viable option, and the good news is I can do it and be happy about it, even if people around me are drinking. I've reached the point where alcohol just makes me feel sick anyhow, so what's the use.
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Moderation is not an option for me because...
NOT BEING SOBER is not an option for me.
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Moderation is not an option for me because I got frustrated when I was limited in social company to one or two drinks. The bitterness built, and the next day I would have a big blowout, and secretly drink every day thereafter. Ten years of denial and frustration trying to moderate--it's so shockingly nice to be free!
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Moderation is not an option for me because I can not moderate myself around alcohol.

It's a lie my AV tells myself whenever I see friends and family enjoying a few drinks and I feel left out.

Moderation is not an option for me because once I start moderation "It's only 1" then "it's only 2" then "it's only 3 and I drank water between every drink" then I drink the whole ******* bottle.
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Because even though I am 5 feet 6 inches......I am more likely to succeed as a professional basketball player than a moderate drinker.......Although the odds are low......there is a better probability of being a professional basket ball player, than a moderate drinker for me ........REALITY!
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...not falling down them
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I don't even kid myself about drinking in moderation any more. If I'm drinking, it's to get all out wasted, stinking drunk, oblivious to everything.
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Originally Posted by DarkDays View Post
Moderation is drinking, nothing more nothing less.

I do not drink anymore.
For me, moderating is only delaying the inevitable.
I accept that I am an alcoholic and that I cannot drink. What's the sense in being miserable, counting the hours until I can have my next drink, all the while knowing that ultimately things will once again spiral out of control.
I have been there enough times now, I have tried to avoid the truth.. I now accept the facts as they are. I have my flaws, everyone does.

For me, there's no point in being a 'dry drunk', abstinence is not sobriety. The constant feelings of anxiety and apprehensiveness, having my life controlled by a substance. Only by giving in completely and accepting who I am have I been able to find complete freedom.
And I like it.
(I'm fairly new here, but have been viewing for some time.. Thanks for everything!)
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Moderation isnít for me, because I donít have a built in moderation feature, I donít have a stop button. Sobriety is my only option for a happy, healthy and loving life.
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