Moderation is not an option for me, because_______?

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l can moderate.... for a while...
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Moderation is drinking, nothing more nothing less.

I do not drink anymore.
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Because I've been there, done that and ended up drinking more while I was in "moderation" than I did BEFORE I got sober the first time! No way, no how!
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Moder-what? lol
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It is too energy consuming....much rather put that energy to use doing productive things that don't involve drinking!
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RIP Sweet Suki
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Moderation is not for me because one is too many and 20 isn't enough.
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Moderation to me is a fancy word for "I can control it".

Moderation turns into 12 every night.

Moderation means I am on Day 3 of sobriety again and it STINKS to be at the bottom of the mountain looking up.

Moderation as a word associated with drinking for me, no longer exist.

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Because I've tried it 8000 times already. If I could make it work, I would have by now.

The truth is I have no interest in moderation. I drank to get drunk. One glass of wine seems pointless to me.
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Moderation is not an option for me because moderation to me would mean not being able to drink as much as I would want. Plus just a few and my animal side would come right back and take over that night. That would probably end after a month or when the money ran out. Real bad idea.
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It's not an option for me because I have no interest in it. I don't like the way one or two beers makes me feel. I like the way wasted feels, and I like the way sober feels. Moderation makes me anxious. Sometimes sober does too.

I have no interest in one or two beers. When I was drinking, when I was invited someplace where it was only appropriate to have one or two and then do something else without more alcohol available, forget it. I'd pass it up or if I had to go, I'd drink iced tea or water.

I was a bar girl for sure. I liked to put the pedal to the metal.
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moderation is not an option for me because I tried it way too many times. If something failes continuesly it's time to try something else.
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Because it is too risky. I have come too far. Why risk it for sips of alcohol? WHO DOES THAT?
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Moderation is no an option for me, because, I drink to blot out life, not to have just one.
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Moderation is not an option for me, because every time I've been in active addiction mode (to alcohol, cigarettes, or a relationship, or at times all three) then my personal self growth freezes and growth halts.

Stop the addiction and my personal growth starts humming along again.

I have to wonder if my recent return of strong cravings are actually a desire to block anxiety over more personal growth occurring.

Hmmnn EQ... That is worth a look.
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I have SR to thank for stopping the moderation bus for me.

It made me obsess over alcohol...I didn't enjoy drinking when I was "moderating" because all my thoughts were tuned to deciding how much I could have, renegotiating the limit, losing the line, etcetera.
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Very helpful posts.
My XABF last week moderated to 2+1, then increased to 4 & by the end of the week was going away for the weekend to 2 parties.
Your experiences make me realise it was never going to work by cutting down.
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All off the above

Thanx folks, threads like these makes me stronger.
They just reaffirm to tell that little voice, shut up, go away it's over.
We've all tried and tested it a million times, it does not work.

Have a great day everyone
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I've never really wanted to drink moderately. I want to get ****** up, feel high, and erase the bad feelings of life. I want to get numb and careless. And alcohol was my best friend for many years. It turned on me, and now, we are finished. It doesn't do for me what it once did, so theres absolutely no reason to go back to it. It just lead to more pain, more problems, more dysfunction and I desperately am willing to live life soberly.
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Originally Posted by soberbythesea View Post
Because I've tried it 8000 times already. If I could make it work, I would have by now.

The truth is I have no interest in moderation. I drank to get drunk. One glass of wine seems pointless to me.
I too have never understood WHY anyone would bother having one or two.
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Not Alone
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