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Dreams of a Former Pot Addict

My drug of choice was pot, and I smoked a lot of it every day for many years.

When I finally quit, I started having dreams about pot. I suspect this is common for addicts of all varieties.

At first the dreams involved getting high with one of my smoking buddies. I often woke up in a sweat, feeling like all my efforts at staying sober were lost. Realizing it had all been a dream was always a huge relief. Still, I had a lot of these dreams for the first month or two.

Now after 4+ months of no pot, the dreams are starting to change. In my most recent dream, I was cleaning a pipe and noticing how bad it smelled and how dirty my fingers were getting. The smoking buddy in my dream suggested getting high, and I remember looking at my watch and thinking "it's only 8am - that will ruin the rest of the day. I'll just stay stoned and I'll get nothing done."

Obviously, my thinking has changed. The new patterns in my life have taken root, even in my dreams. And that's a very good feeling.

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Hi and welcome back Miles

I haven't had one in a long time but I had many dreams about alcohol, not so much about pot..but I noticed the same thing.

I don't put much store in dreams meaning anything, but I'll admit I still feel good if I have a dream and that happens

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Fellow pot addict here. I've had many of the same types of dreams. My reaction is vastly different from when I was using to now. When using, I would dream of buying pot or smoking while on a road trip and stuff and feel awesome about it. Then I'd wake up and feel really diappointed about it being just a dream.

When I first got sober, I would dream of pot being around and I would be fearful of it and try to get out of the situation ASAP. Or I would see my old pothead friend and be afraid of trying to tell him that I want recovery and I don't want to smoke with him and stuff.

Now when I dream about it I usually smoke it and then feel intense fear, shame, and guilt. I begin thinking about how I've thrown away my recovery and how I have to go to a meeting and get a 24 chip in front of everyone. Then I wake up and I am incredibly happy and relieved that it was only a dream.

Thanks for your thread. There is a thread where fellow pot addicts have been sharing their stories. Feel free to post yours if you like.

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I love those "freebies"
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