need help choosing treatment facility

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need help choosing treatment facility

My 22 year old son is finally in detox and going to residential treatment. This is involuntary--he only agreed b/c we held the threat of jail due to filing Marchman Act petition(Florida statute that allows court ordered treatment if person refuses). He spent a lot of time in treatment as a teenager, so he feels he has had enough--most people are advising a tough, boot camp like program--he asked to go to a more liberal, holistic place he went briefly 6 years ago. They allow cell phones, etc, its fairly cushy, so I understand his choice. One part of me thinks his choice may have a better result since he is more likely to respond to kind, gentle treatment; I'm afraid boot-camp style like he experienced before will make him shut down and just do what he has to to get through and get us off his back. I guess I'm looking for advice as to which style of treatment we should choose, and also specific recommendations--there are so many options its hard to choose and to know what is the best. B/c of the Marchman Act we should probably stay if FL but would consider out of state. We have insurance and could pay if need be.Thank you for any guidance!!
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((ddf)) - Welcome to SR, though I'm sorry for what has brought you here. I'm not familiar with treatment programs but I'm a recovering addict and a recovering codependent and can share my experience.

Though I never did go to treatment, I did have to be locked up for almost 6 months in a diversion center that was anything BUT nice. I stayed clean for a better part of a year and relapsed for a couple of weeks. I was on probation, facing possible prison time and my family had had it with me.

I chose recovery, came back home to my family and dealt with their anger, hurt, etc. I needed to suffer consequences to choose recovery. "Cushy" would not have worked for me. I hope you read around, as there are lots of parents here who are going through similar situations.

Hugs and prayers,

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I did an outpatient program with Hazelden. I'm almost certain they have a Florida facility. It's not boot camp. But I think Hazelden does great work and has a fantastic network around the country.
Overall though, if he doesn't want to get sober you could send him to a Four Seasons in Bali and it wouldn't help. But I completely understand what you're doing. The alternative is something a parent just can't accept for their child.

Best wishes. Keep posting. You'll find so much support here!
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Hi and welcome ddf

I'm very sorry for your situation and I'm sorry it's come to this.
I understand you must feel you're running out of options.

I hope you'll check out our Family and Friends forums as well - you'll get a lot of advice down there.

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Naples has some good rehabs...Hazeldon....David Lawrence Center...and The Willows are worth looking into.... All good....I believe all three get you ready for AA or NA....It really is important that what he does when he gets out...Will decide whether he stays clean or not. I went to Hazeldon and got into AA when I left....!5 months sober after a very lengthy drinking career.
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