3 Days Sober, and In Jail Right Now

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Originally Posted by Extrochris View Post
for some reason, I just feel like I'm going to fail at staying clean. I hope that I am clean from this point on for the rest of my life. I need more dang confidence, but I'm steadily rolling in self-pity and thoughts of inevitable failure. Do you guys have any tricks for boosting confidence about staying sober??
Originally Posted by Sapling View Post
I had to put the effort into it I put into supplying myself with alcohol for 35 years.
What Sapling said.
Also, what I would add is, don't EVEN worry about "for the rest of my life". Worry about today, JUST today. It's enough effort to wrap our minds around getting our heads to the pillow sober TONIGHT, let alone forever!
Stay in today. Stay in today. Be here now.

Oh, and find meetings while you're in...and read as much about AA as you possibly can. Don't worry about the God thing if it doesn't float your boat. Just know that you have a Higher Power and you are not it
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I felt like that mate!

Another way to think about it is that that fear you are feeling is probably the realisation that you are one binge away from being back in jail. Thats a good fear to have in my book. It might just stop you from using again.

I look at a glass of wine now with absolute fear and horror - that's one glassful nearer another blackout.
That fear makes me realise the power that alcohol has over me and the impact it can have on my life.
I am not confident either, and it is strange feeling. But if I don't get ahead of myself and take it one day at a time, then my fear gets less and less.
I can commit to a day. That's not long.........commiting to 25 years or the rest of my life is too bigger a thought ot task at the moment!

Will be thinking of you xxxx
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You guys don't even know how much I appreciate the support, it's really helping me a lot. Sapling, I'm still in jail and will be here until a spot opens at the facility I'm supposed to be going to. This could take a week, or could take 3 months, I have no clue, they say it just varies. I am not getting a chance to attend meetings, I wish I could, but right now my hope and strength is in my Higher Power. Does this get easier with time? I can't even imagine one day at a time with this must temptation in my mind, if it weren't for jail then I would have not even been clean this long. Don't get me wrong though, I WANT IT, and I am going to try my best.
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