Almost a week

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Almost a week

One day to go and I've made a week!

Every day I remind myself of how bad, guilty, selfish I felt the last time I drank. I have faced the people I totally embarrassed myself in front of, and I do feel humiliated.

I want to forgive myself for being such an idiot, but I am not going to let myself forget because that's when I will fail.

I'm taking just one day at a time.
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Congratulations! x
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Congratulations on your upcoming week Kath

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Great job on the 6 days! I think the first week is the hardest, at least it has been for me. Welcome to SR!
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thank you for your replies, I find it helps reading posts by others and the feedback they receive, I don't feel so alone.
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a week is so great--keep it up!
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Right on Kath, It's easy to forget why we quit in the first place is it not? After a week or so.

Keep the faith.

Much love. Jim
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Hi Kathy,

Keep this post handy...remind yourself of how you feel right now.

You never have to go thru the guilt and embarrassment again...really think about that for a second...for me, NOTHING good came from drinking.

I miss NOTHING about the vicious cycle of drinking.

Sobriety is a beautiful thing
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Great job, Kath. I wish I'd kept a journal so I'd always remember how I felt in my 'final days'. I hope the memory never grows dim. As you said, forgive but never forget where we've been.
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Way to go Kath..just focus on today...congrats on one week
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Kath, One day at a time, one minute at a time, whatever it takes. Glad you found SR and welcome! You're off to a great start.

Very wise to forgive yourself but not forget-it's a good plan for success in this business of quitting. You're not alone in having done embarrassing things while drinking that's for sure!

One of my favorite drinking stories happened to my old roommate. She was notorious for cooking late night while hammered (very dangerous and not funny). One New Year's Day she couldn't find her coat anywhere. Knowing her patterns, I opened the closet door to find a pot of mac and cheese on the floor, and then opened the oven door to find her coat. There's funny embarrassing and there's humiliating "I cannot believe I would say or do that" behavior that makes you cringe to see the people that witnessed it the next day. Nice to know you don't ever have to have one of those days again!
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Congrats, keep it up!
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Great job on the 6 days! WooHoo! That is huge! Just keep doing whatever you are doing and add to it if you need. Post here a lot and read a lot too.
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Congratulations on 6 days sober, that is amazing, and its so good you have such a determined attitude to continue to not drink. I think, personally, it is important to forgive yourself, I know a big part of my drinking came from my own self- loathing, but you are right, we can't forget how low alcohol has taken us, otherwise we won't appreciate every minute we improve our lives by not drinking
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Big congrats, I never thought I'd make it a week. One day at a time, hourly if need be.
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That's awesome, Kath! Must feel great! Now double it and make it 2 weeks!
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