Checking in at 20 days

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Checking in at 20 days

So I'm doing really well so far. Feeling soooo happy to be sober. I've had a rough couple days over the weekend, really really wanted to drink, but I didn't! I'm so proud of myself that I didn't give in. Cravings have now subsided quite a bit. I get fleeting thoughts of wanting to drink here and there, but not those all day thoughts of drinking I was struggling with all weekend.

Just wanted to check in and say I'm doing well. Feeling much better than I was when I was drinking. Glad that's not me anymore. I'm coming down with a cold I think, and feeling quite tired all the time right now, but it's not bothering me too much. I'm sober and I can deal with it without drinking. I'm really starting to feel that I've got it this time. But I am still on guard against drinking, I will not get complacent.
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Good for you on nearly three weeks! Keep on keepin' on.
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Good news!...Keep on keeping on!!....That's big getting through the first three weeks! Congrats!!
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Congratulations on your progress Tzivia
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Thanks all! I'm so glad to have the support of this site.
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Way to go, tzivia!
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Your doin great
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Great work! I just finished day 31, I had an experience that the las 5-6 days before I hit 30 seemed to drag by after I hit 3 weeks. Just a heads up in case you experience any of those feelings. Keep up the great work!
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Well done, Tzivia, we LOOOVE to hear about success stories, and I am so happy that yours is one of them!

You don't need to worry about complacency, or getting 'too comfortable', or any of that stuff. Of course you will get comfortable in your sober life, you will continue to get all the benefits of no longer worrying and obsessing about alcohol.

It is simple, right? You no longer drink and you will never change your mind. Stick with that, and you will be fabulous.
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Briliant work - keep it up!
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