Can't stop crying, extreme fatigue & depression...

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Question Can't stop crying, extreme fatigue & depression...

Are these withdrawal symptoms? I have been super emotional & cry over stupid things. I get bouts of depression when all I want to do is sleep. And I have such extreme fatigue, I barely have any energy to do anything! The fatigue is what's really getting to me. I am in nursing school & I can barely concentrate on my homework, I am so tired. Is this normal?
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Originally Posted by RN2013 View Post
...I am so tired. Is this normal?
It was for me. I had no problem staying up drinking, I called it energy from alcohol, but when I quit it was like my body finally gave in to the sleep I had been depriving myself of.

You are going to feel a lot of different emotions. People call early recovery a roller coaster. It is. But it gets better if you stay the course.
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Yes it's totally normal. I went through exactly the same symptoms but I'm pleased to say at nearly 10 weeks sober they are getting much better. Life will be a bit up and down for a while but hang in there it really does get better.

If you haven't done so already, google PAWS (Post acute withdrawal syndrome). It will help you understand a little more what's happening to your body

Take care

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When you go to your AA meeting you will discover a room full of folks who are just like you. You will soon feel like you are home.

All the best.

Bob R
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RN2013 ~ I was very weepy the first week of sobriety (I am currently on day 24 without alcohol and feeling fantastic!). Wishing you well in your recovery. :-)
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Sounds like some peoples normal withdrawal symptoms though everyone has their own symptoms when we stop.

As an RN student I would think you know to try and eat properly and proper food. The mind can't work with the body shot full of alcohol holes. Just the body takes time to heal let alone our minds. I use supplements as well as I pretty much run myself to the ground before the binge ends.

As suggested google PAWS and there is a laundry list of things that may come up. For me , none of them is worth going back to the insanity of drinking. As 2 Grand says , lots of company in the rooms and often some good advice and heck even a laugh or two at my meetings.
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It was very normal for me, RN

Try to be gentle with yourself..get a little light exercise, eat well, don't study all night, get lots of rest...all those common sense things

I hope you'll be feeling better soon

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I suffered depression, I drank to be happy.
A therapist who specialized in Depression helped me deal with my emotions, Talk to your Doctor, see what they say.
Also 15 minutes or more of exercise helped wonders. Go on a 15 minute walk if you can. It helped me, perhaps it will help you as well.
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That was normal for me RN. It might be worth checking with a doctor that there are no other underlying causes though x Hope you feel better soon x
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I also have been going through the same. I am crying a lot, depressed and low on energy. Everyone says it gets better.
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Hi RN,
In my experience I felt alot of depression and I was (and still am) exhausted. I've heard it described as an emtional pendulum - depressed one moment, elated to be taking action the next. It sounds like you're experiencing the effects of PAWS. I am at 96 days and just in this short amount of time things have gotten better. I remembered to be kind to myself and really do things that made me feel taken care of - like baths, candy, lounging in pjs watching movies, mani/pedis, etc... -k
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your body and brain are getting un-numbed and you will feel everything.

you can get through this!!!
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yep but it will go away
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