What's Your Favorite Non Alcoholic Drink?

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What's Your Favorite Non Alcoholic Drink?

Mine would have to be diet Dr Pepper. I also love diet Coke Lime! Share yours. Oh, and I love water. I drank tons, even as a drunk. Water rules!
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Freshly brewed iced tea, no sugar, fairly strong. Crushed ice would be even better.
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Mmmm I loooove crushed ice! My fridge does it!!!! Iced tea is good.
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a glass of water with a little bit of cranberry juice in it. Tastes great, hydrating and I feel like it is pretty healthy...

That and mountain dew! haha
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Oh, I might have to try that!! Water rules.
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Just plain water for me. I love it. I drink a gallon a day, sometimes more. If I'm not drinking that bad stuff, I'm drinking water.
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Coffee - home roasted, home ground, French pressed. (insert drool).
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Fresh brewed iced tea
Izze sparkling fruit juice
Root beer
Any cranberry/grape/pomegranate juices
I try to buy the no added sugar, or no high fructose corn syrup, and no Splenda stuff.
I've been trying to like polar seltzers because there's no sugar but not too successful.
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Root beer is awesome!!!!
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Orange juice in all it's forms.
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Least I have lived in my car with my dogs!!! Amen!
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I drink lots of coffee, unsweetend ice t, and sprite zero.
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Oh, Sprite Zero is yummy!!!
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I am a coffee and Mountain Dew junkie!!!
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Nothing Left to do but Smile.
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Flavored or regular ice tea!

I also keep meaning to freeze fruit juice and ice tea in ice cubes trays to flavor water and jazz it up a little.
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I really, REALLY like all the sparkling water options that Talking Rain offers. I try not to drink a whole lot of soda, but I really like Coke (with a slice of fresh lemon) and Dr. Pepper. Langers Juice Company has a to-die-for Fruit Punch (and other offerings) that doesn't have any high fructose corn syrup in it. Yummy!

P.S. Thanks for this post; I've been meaning to ask the same question on this forum and now I don't have to!
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Love Stewarts Root Beer & Nantucket Nectars Red Plum....
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...not falling down them
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Orange juice = nectar of the gods

But mostly I drink water, coffee, diet green tea
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-San Pelegrino sparkling water
-50/50 mix of Orange Juice and water/sparkling water
-tomato juice salt reduced , not a trigger for me , love the salt I guess
-the odd Coke but try and limit simple sugars so just once in a while
-a maximum of 2 a day fresh brewed coffee using Hario drip method , fresh ground , fresh bean

Trying to avoid sugar , sucralose or other artificial sweetners but that's just me as I show high fasting glucose currently ...guess my pancreas has been through the wringer and ya , the coffee isn't the smartest choice but hmm difficult to quit too.
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