Well I made it to day 30!

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Well I made it to day 30!

Also posted in the August 2012 group thread.

The last 5-6 days (as I've posted on other threads) had been dragging, but I'm feeling stronger than ever and continue to face each demon head on as I tackle making conscience choices about not repeating past behavior when I'm put into a similar environment.

I've been reflecting on what I've gained and what I've lost as part of this last 30 days. I'm going to post a more extensive list on a separate thread later when I have more time to capture my complete list, but here's something for all you <30 day and struggling can look at and think about what might you gain and what might you lose if you can stick with your resolve to quit drinking?

What I've lost:
1. about 20 pounds…at lead 1 pant size
2. A red puffy face and the odd smells that came from strange orifices
3. An uncontrollable gag reflex when I brushed my teeth each morning
4. Guilt and anxiety of my husband finding my “stash” of bottles, alcohol or water hidden around the house.
5. My Gallbladder - longer story, some of you saw my post, but I had emergency surgery 2 weeks ago. Although not directly able to tie this to the alcohol abuse, I was really glad that I had stopped drinking for 14 days at the point that I ended up in the emergency room
6. The fear that people would find out what a fraud I was being pretending to be a pulled together, hard-working individual.
and so much more to come!

What I’ve gained:
1. I'm getting myself back, the person that I used to really like!
2. The strength to face my demons one by one and not back down and hide behind a bottle.
3. My inner positive voice that tells me I can do anything.
4. I've regained my dedication and enthusiasm for my future.
5. A 5 page organized to do list! I'm getting the things I've let slide done!
6. GRATITUDE! for each day of sobriety
7. The ability to provide myself with extreme self-care.
And so much more!

I've already set my next goal reminder at 60 days, then 90, then......

To all of you that are struggling, hang in there, love yourself enough to quit for yourself and honor the person that you are.

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You are doing great! Keep up the good work! 30 days!!!!7
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Congratulations. That's wonderful. And thanks for the lists. It will definitely help people identify. I totally forgot about that nasty gag reflex while brushing my teeth. It never occurred to me it was from drinking, but magically it has gone away
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30 days is wonderful! So happy for you.
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Congratulations! Those are awesome lists! Both of them. Thanks for the reminders!
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2, 4 & 6 of your "lost" list really ring true for me. Congrats on your 30 days. Your determination is inspiring!
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Awesome post.)))
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HOORAY! And than you for inspiring us all. I agree - awesome post, indeed! The stash of bottles....oh that is (was) so me. I can't wait to not find any more hidden ones that I forgot about. I think I've found them all....

Again - great post, good for you! Congrats!!!
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Well done mhp!! Congrats on all you've lost and gained!
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You inspire me!!!! Thanks for posting, and be well!
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Congrats !
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Brilliant post.

Points 4 & 6 on your lost list, well that's me!

Really like the idea of making lists, I bet a lot of us on S.R will take that up now!

Big hugs

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Congrats on 30 days MHP! It sounds like a very positive change for you and you're doing great
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