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Question weird and gross

Ok my husband and I had a falling out 3 weeks ago today we had been drinking (binge drinkers) He got stupid flew off the handle yelling throwing a couple things I am not use to seeing him this way I mean sometimes he yells but wth? and I left to the inlaws for the night. He apologized and I told him I din't want to see alcohol again there had been 4 beers in the bottom of the fridge since untouched. He never said he would quit but he hasn't drank or purchased alcohol since. I haven't thrown those 4 beers away because he never said he would be quitting so I didn't want to start a fight by throwing HIS beers, anyway after 3 weeks of not drinking he comes home again with no alcohol and goes into the fridge and grabs one of those beers and says "will you be mad at me if I have one of these" my attitude went from happy he was home (I was in the middle of making stuffed peppers) to so let down and a bit frustrated and said "just don't come near me"

I went outside for a few minutes came back beers still there and he is fixing himself a glass of Gatorade like normal working hard day in construction I dint say a word about the beer fixed dinner we ate had a good night and today is 3 weeks for us both with no alcohol and not even arguing about it so far lol

anyway He and I both woke up again chipper at 5am he has to work today again but anyway for the gross part I can't even believe I am going to admit this to anyone because im a bit embarassed but I guess it's humorous too but ever since I quit drinking I sleep soundly all night long but now I wake up and found that I drooled a gallon of saliva lol I know gross but im wondering wth is that all about anybody ever gone through that before? Thank you guys so much for your support and letting me rattle on and on and on and on and on and on heehee xoxo
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Yeh i think the drool monster visited me , because i still had the bad sweats and got hot for quite a while after giving up , i found wrapping my pillow in a towel helpfull as it's slightly cooler than "flat" cotton and absorbed a bit more , i could dampen it silghtly. and if my damp wash cloth flannel i used for putting on my eyes escaped it wasn't such a drama .

Bestwishes, M
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