HEY!!! what happened????

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HEY!!! what happened????

Ok guys ya know me the 2-3 times a week binge drinker sober for 19 days remember all my yappity yap about how energized I am blah blah blah lol well for the past few days I have been tired! I am drinking lots of water eating my bfast lunch dinner and my evening ice cream heehee I am energized in the morning but come towards afternoon im so tired and I have been sleeping soundly all night (Praise The Lord) thats a new and welcoming difference for sure! dang I just don't know what to expect day after day
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Yea letting your body and mind go through the whole detox process is something isnt it.

We didnt get here drinking in a couple weeks, so it takes a long time to learn a new life...

Keep on rolling along
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I was all over the place, mentally and physically the first few months. It all straightened out. Glad you're sleeping well, though - that's a huge problem for many of us.
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They told me at an AA meeting it can take up to 6 months to fully detox. Today for me is only day 5. I feel exhausted most of the day...then this strange adrenaline buzz kicks in.
6 months sounds like a long time, but then again how many years have I been drinking heavy? About 6. I am just grateful that I am waking up with a clear mind and without anxiety.

So many have proved sobriety can be done...We can do it too. Hang in there!

"For this too shall pass."
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Great post. When I was counting days, I felt like I was walking through some force-field, one minute exhausted, the next minute energized. My mood and energy levels were all over the place. You're starting to feel again. Amazing, right?

And oh not waking up hungover with my face stuck to the pillow was such joy!

Keep it up. You're doing great
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Yeah, just try to pat attention to your body's needs and hopefully your energy will begin to increase. Good for you with 19 days sober.
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I'm on day 11 and getting the same thing. I'll be all pumped up and ready to tackle anything and everything one minute (I stayed up until like 1 a.m. my second night sober and cleaned my ENTIRE house from top to bottom), and the next minute I feel like literally crawling into my bed and sleeping for a few straight days. I have faith my body's energy levels will even out eventually. For now, I just listen to what the body needs. If I'm tired, I nap. If I'm energetic, I do something (today it was planting flowers, last weekend it was a long bike ride). Only impulse I'm ignoring are my alcohol cravings.

ALSO: Congrats on 19 days! That's fantastic.

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Not giving you advice, just letting you know what worked with me. Sublingual b12 liquid. You may be short on other b vitamins like b1...thiamine.
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Everything keeps getting different for the first year, at least in mine it did! You'll get through this, it will change!
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I felt like too in the first month for sure! Looking back on it I think that I was just not used to being "tired". What I mean is that while I was drunk everyday I was ALWAYS tired. When I quit I couldn't sleep at all for the first couple weeks but then as my body adjusted to things I started actually getting tired quite frequently again... like I did before I drank. Does that make any sense? I realize now that being tired is OK and that I might feel a little off when I'm tired so I try to sleep 8 hours if possible. Kind of like a "normal" person if there is such a thing? Speaking of which, I'm pretty tired right now and need to go to bed! Good work on your 19 days... those ones are REALLY tough! It will definately get easier as time goes on my friend, this I am sure of. I hope that you get some good rest tonight. God bless!
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I remember my first go around. Right about day 20 I hit a wall. Was just so very tired and run down. Lasted about a week, then I was right back to normal. Hang in there.
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My energy levels are all over the place...if you are tired and you are able to rest...if you have energy use it From what I've read, it is our body adjusting. I try to go to bed at a regular time and try to get out of bed at the same time.
Congrats on 19 days sober.
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