Bricks from the Universe

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Bricks from the Universe

The Universe taps you on the shoulder several times, but if you refuse to pay attention, the Universe may hurl a brick at your head or chest. Got hit with mine today.

Soulgypsy here again, the prodigal daughter, returning from my stupid wanderings back in Merlot-land after a brief brush with sobriety. Guess what--now I have no choice but to clean up my act. Went to the doctor and admitted my problem. Got some blood tested. The verdict? Pre-diabetes and elevated liver enzymes. The reason? Not what I thought. Instead, it's hepatitis C. (brick hits chest)

Never used recreational drugs, needles or had multiple partners. Just a nice old gal who decided it would be fun to have a navel piercing 15 years or so ago.

So now I have no choice. Will have more testing and a biopsy to determine the extent of the damage and management of the disease. Doctor has started me on meds for depression (non-addictive) and I am back on the wagon for good.

Would ya'll please scoot over and make me some room again? I'm on for good now.
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Sometimes we come in kicking and screaming to the path of sobriety.

That is some brick. Apparently a large proportion of baby boomers have this and need to get tested. But there are better ways to cure it now.

Will pray not too much damage has been done and will keep a seat warm for you
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Very happy to welcome you back, soulgypsy.
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welcome back soulgypsy

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Oh, Soulgypsy, I'm sorry for your diagnosis, and I know too well, how those bricks to the head can get your attention. And, then you realize that you've missed multiple opportunities to pay attention before that. But, the point is you're doing what you need to do to take care of yourself and that's all you can do.
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You know you are always welcome back....with open arms and hearts!!!! I am sorry for your prognosis, but it is good you know about it so that treatment can begin. Much progress has been made in treatment of HepC. Best wishes to you. Take care.
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Welcome back SoulGypsy! I'm sorry it took a brick to get you back, but you'll have lots of support while dealing with this latest. Sending prayers for best outcome possible!
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