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10 days sober question

Hi everyone! Today I am 10 days sober from my 2-3 times a week binge drinking and I would like to know if it is "normal" to be hyperactive? I went to bed at around 10:30 pm was up at 3:00 am made coffee around 4am took shower blow dried my hair and was ready to start running around the house at 5:30am I seem to be zipping around and yapping I am in good spirits but kind of alarmed of why I am like this today is this normal?
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That happened to me too! I'm still pretty loaded with energy (34 days here). I easily get by on 5-6 hours a sleep, which was NOT the case at all when I was drinking.
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Maybe you are truly just happy and that would be understandable-CONGRATS on your Sobriety.. There's so much that goes on during early sobriety there's no telling-but it's sooo worth it in the end... I usually would clean house top to bottom-when I get like this.

I get that way when I'm manic (I haven't been formally diagnosed, and will be at 6 months sober-but it's pointing toward bipolar)... But I'm on anxiety meds for now and I don't get that way alot. Now it seems that my head will just not get quiet and I call it spinning.. so I'm learning to calm myself with guided meditation.. lol, I can't afford to buy my own so I get on youtube and find some.. I think I might check the library to see what they have...
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congrats on the ten days! I experienced the same burst of energy you describe. Enjoy it and the rest of the wonderful things sobriety brings. I have just over 5 months now and wish you well in your continued sobriety.
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