Hi everyone. I am new here

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You CAN do this. Welcome to sr.
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Welcome to SR Zaya

There are quite a few members here who have had to get sober with actively drinking partners so it is possible, though it doesn't make it easier! It helps to get sober for yourself and not make your sobriety dependent on anything or anyone else. Have you looked into getting any other support too, like AA or SMART? x
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Welcome back Zaya

Like Hypo says, having a partner who drinks is not a dealbreaker - it's hard, but many people here deal with it. This is your journey, no one elses...

You just have to commit to the kind of future you want I think?
There's a lot of support here - hope to see you around some more

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big hugs and love sent to you!

glad you are here!
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Hi Zaya. Glad you made it back. I know what you mean about the 'normies' not getting it. People would say to me - "Just have one or two - you don't have to drink the whole bottle!" Um - yes, I do.

You can do it - we know you can.
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I am glad you found this forum Zaya. It is a tool I use often. This forum wil help you stay sober. My husband had to modify his drinking at first to help me stay sober. His drinking at restaurants no longer affects me but we still don't keep alcohol at home. Changes will have to be made if you want to get and stay sober. Nothing changes if nothing changes. good habits will have to replace bad ones for sobriety to take hold. If your husband pours himself a drink as soon as he gets back from work, then schedule a walk or a trip to the park with your little one around that time. You can do it. You just have to really really want it.
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