I got a new sponsor

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I got a new sponsor

I don't know if you guys remember my tales of woe about my last one, but I got up the courage and cut her loose. Before I did my 4th and 5th step with her thank goodness. I did not trust that she wouldn't blab my business and she was very controlling of me and all of her sponsees.

My new one is a very calm lady with a great marriage which was another one of my concerns about my last one. I need guidance on repairing mine and she was not the one for it as she was in a loveless marriage and very vocal about it.

Tonight I meet with my new one to go over the first three steps and the work I have done thus far and then we are going to a step study together.

I am so relieved.
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sounds like a good move Elizabeth

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Right on Elizabeth, I'm glad to hear she's getting you straight into the solution. It helps me to remember that sponsors are also alcoholics on their own journey, and we all have our own growing to do. I'm sending all of my best wishes as you and your new sponsor continue on the path together. Keep it going!
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awesome news!! so happy for you.
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gla to read the good news!!! that is another thing that led me to getting anew sponsor a few years into recovery. my 1st one wasnt married or in a relationship. my sponsor now has been sober for 29 years and married for 27. we wanted to marry his now wife when he was drinking, but she said,"hell no!!!! not til you sober up and change you!!!" took a few more years before he sobered up. even after 27 years of marraige, i see the love and acceptance they have for each other and i want that for me, cept with my honey. been following in his footsteps and taking his suggestons and its been workin pretty good!

prayers yer way and have an awesomely blesse day!
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Out with the old and in with the new.
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glad to hear it elizabeth!
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sobriety date 5-2-12
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I just recently switched sponsors and it was the best decision. So happy for you.
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This sounds like a good choice, Elizabeth.

For me, learning how to make the right choice for myself, was a big part of recovery.
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