Did anyone feel vague?

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Originally Posted by KnowHope View Post
In my own case, it was really important for me to learn about PAWS, which is Post Acute Withdrawal Syndrome.

There were all kinds of things that happened when I stopped drinking/using that I didn't understand until I read these articles. They have helped to make a very big difference in my journey through recovery.

Some of the main symptoms of PAWS include:

1. Inability to think clearly
2. Memory problems
3. Emotional overreactions or numbness
4. Sleep disturbances
5. Physical coordination problems
6. Stress sensitivity

If you're experiencing any of these or know someone that is, I cannot recommend reading up on this enough.

PAWS | Digital Dharma

Post Acute Withdrawl - Relapse Prevention Specialists - TLC The Living Center

Post-acute-withdrawal syndrome - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
thanks for this,I will read it tonight.
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Chalk for up another one for "yep, I feel that way too.". Day 6 here and I'm kind of out of it today. And I have a slight nagging headache. Nothing close to a hangover headache though

Sort of feels like disassociation. (I'm sure the spelling is wrong). Sort of like you're there and not there at the same time. When you do/say the things that make you "you" it's almost like you're pretending or faking it just so people recognize you.....I dunno...LOL

I'm actually grateful for this stage. It beats the pants off the night sweats/insomnia stage
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