1 Week! Symptoms?

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1 Week! Symptoms?

Today I had a horrible "hangover" headache and it's my 7th day without even touching a drink. I was looking forward to celebrating this milestone but struggled through the morning and much of the afternoon as if I was hungover. Around dinner time I felt fine.

Anyone else having this? Also, I'm finding that I'm way more tired than I used to be! I'm worried about what I need to look out for as I enter my second week...
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I know I have heard of others having headaches, but I haven't had them. As for tiredness, just realize that drinking really messed up your sleeping patterns. It takes time to get them back. I am at 1.5 months and I still get tired, but not nearly as bad as it was at one week. I had to take an afternoon rest this afternoon, but got up and did a run afterwards. Now I am up late night. Insomnia is my problem.
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Please see your Dr if you're concerned...but I think it's a pretty common thing - make sure you're drinking enough water and not too many coffees or caffeinated drinks dig - that may help

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Roll with it Dig. It gets better provided you don't drink anything. I don't know how long you were drinking for, but seeing as you're here I'm going to assume years...and it'll take more than a week to recover. Just think of it as one last drawn out hangover. Once you're through this you'll never have to go through it again

Oh, and happy 7th day!! 7

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Hey Dig I never had headaches with my hangovers, but had spitting headaches for the first week or so after quitting. Weird. Your body chemistry is all over the place at first - like Hypo says, try to ride it out. It does get better I swear.

With the tiredness, as well as the sleep thing, your body's working really hard to fix itself now you've stopped poisoning it. Be kind to yourself and get plenty of rest.

Good luck

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I am on day 52. No headaches anymore. I did have them at around 30 days out. Also have been sleeping a lot. Last night I slept 9.5 hours. However, that's how long I used to sleep way back when. BTW, Congrats on your 7 days!
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It was random cycling for me for the first year. I remember at my 3 month mark I was feeling especially crappy. Don't know if it was PAWS or what but ride it out! It DOES get better I swear.
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