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Question another question....

hi all....hope it's not annoying for me to post this regularly with questions...
i am on day 28 (insert balloons and confetti here), and doing pretty well!
still going to my meetings and working with my sponsor...really getting a lot out of AA. i've never stayed sober this long any other way, and i'm amazed and grateful every day for the program.
the past week or so, my energy level seems to have bottomed out! i'm so exhausted, i feel almost flu-ish, achey, tired, generally sore- but no fever.
coffee doesn't seem to touch it. i feel like i could honestly sleep for about 3 days and still be ready for a nap. is this common at my stage of recovery?
for background, up until 28 days ago i was drinking about 6-8 beers per night, 10-12 on the weekends.
anyone have experience in this area?
thanks in advance

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Our bodies take time to adjust to not being saturated with alcohol 24/7. Lots of us feel achy, tired, suffer from insomnia, etc. during early recovery. I think what you're feeling is normal, BUT if you get concerned about your symptoms, please see a doctor.
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it could very well just be the flu. this,too shall pass.
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That was pretty normal for me too...Don't try and cure it with coffee...Get the rest you need. Maybe take a nice walk and just come back and take a nap....You never know....You might even be coming down with a bug...Like DS said...If it lingers too long or concerns you...See a doctor....I think it was more just undoing what we did to ourselves. Glad you are liking the program...It's an amazing ride...And so much easier when you enjoy it. I love it.
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It's PAWS post acute withdrawal symptom. Read all you can on it and be gentle with yourself write now.
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It took me months to get 'right'- just role with punches, and you will be fine- I have come to realise that all things pass
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At day 28 () that's perfectly normal. The way I saw it I didn't sleep properly for 12 years. If you can find 3 days where you can just sleep I say do it Well done Changer, and go easy on yourself x
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Originally Posted by luvstruckbaby View Post
It's PAWS post acute withdrawal symptom. Read all you can on it and be gentle with yourself write now.
It might be a little early for that...It might be the 28 day syndrome...Or the 48 hour bug.
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My alcohol withdraw/detox from heavy drinking would be harsh the first few days. Then get progressively better feeling as time went on.

i'm so exhausted, i feel almost flu-ish, achey, tired, generally sore- but no fever.
I would see a doctor if it was me. Symptoms like that could be just the tip of something gravely serious.
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from wikipedia

Severe acute withdrawal symptoms such as delerium tremens and seizures rarely occur after 1 week post cessation of alcohol. The acute withdrawal phase can be defined as lasting between one to three weeks. In the period of 3 6 weeks following cessation increased anxiety, depression as well as sleep disturbance is common;[53] fatigue and tension can persist for up to 5 weeks as part of the post-acute withdrawal syndrome; about a quarter of alcoholics experience anxiety and depression for up to 2 years
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Absolutely! By the second to 4th months, I had to have an afternoon nap. I would just start to fall asleep....I don't know if you have had vivid dreams yet, but this is when I would have them, I didn't know if I were awake or sleeping, some were wonderful, some were not at all good to have. Sometimes I would open my eyes and things in the room (robe hanging on a hook) would look like something from the dream. I am not trying to scare you, it's just part of the process of early recovery. The brain wants normal sleep again (which we disrupted while drinking and thinking we needed it to sleep).

You are healing! How awesome is that???!!!!!
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Hi and congrats on 28 days! I posted so much when I first got sober and no one ever told me i was posting too much.

I have almost two years and about a month ago I finally realized my body wasn't going to get 100% better on its own. So I started going to a Chinese doctor for acupuncture. Since then everything has been improving.

At 28 days you are still recovering from the abuse you went through, give yourself time to heal, but if things don't improve be proactive about your health. You deserve it!
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